Dowlingo’s IPO Adtech Startups – could put a golden halo on TechCrunch

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Dowlingo’s IPO Adtech Startups – could put a golden halo on TechCrunch

Adtech giant Diwaliungo Set a starting price limit for its next IPO today. Unicorn expects to be priced publicly at 85 85 to 95 95 per share, with the deal selling 3,700,000.

A further 1,406,113 shares are being sold by existing shareholders, and 765,916 shares are being offered to underwriting banks as part of this transaction. All told, the company could see 5,872,029 shares traded in its IPO, valued at some 55 557,842,755. Dowlingo itself can deposit a total of $ 424,262,020 in the current range, provided the banks listed under it use their option.

An IPO is a material fundraising event for a company. Prior to its public offering, the capital’s biggest single hit was Dowlingo’s نے 45 million series since 2015.

Let’s face it – Dowlingo, which we’ve covered in great detail here, is well worth the price of its IPO and a look at its early second quarter results. Our goal is to understand its assessment in the context of its development. From there, we’ll be able to draw some general conclusions about the big Adtech startup market.

how much does it cost?

Following its IPO, Dowlingo will have 35,892,152 shares outstanding, under which the writer’s option will be lost. Within the lower and upper ranges of this simple IPO valuation, Dowlingo is valued at 3. 3.1 billion to 4 3.4 billion.

As is common with every company, the value of Dowlingo’s IPO increases if we include shares held in the form of RSU or options, but cannot be used on it yet. In the case of Doulingo, the company’s RSU’s initial TechCrunch analysis and details of the options provided in its S-1 filing put its share count at 43,776,271. In that segment, Dowlingo is valued at 3. 3.7 billion to 2 4.2 billion.

For each number provided, there is a slight increase in the company’s underwriter option.

In all of the above prices, the premium is higher than the final private price of the company set during the November 2020 series H funds. At 35 35 million, the company is valued at about 2. 2.4 billion.

After the first embarrassment, the company’s IPO price range feels strong, regardless of whether we come up with a new price for the firm. Rely on simple or completely weak share counts. But how do its new prices compare to its current earnings? Let’s find out

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