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When you feel as sorry as The Jets, every coach should become a Ted Lasso.

An alternating cast of happy faces and fantasies gave Jang Green’s downtrodden fan base a sarcastic rallying cry:

Great week of practice. ”

Robert Saleh This phrase is notoriously used About receiver Denzel Mims before being stapled to the bench in September. (Saleh seems to be enjoying a little bit about his memes, saying he’s “stacked .” The third week in a row of great deliberate exercise“Before giving him ten blows against the Titans.)

His predecessor, Adam Gass, said so often that he had to defend his practice against criticism from a veteran traded from a winning team. “We had some slow practices,” Salameh Bradley MacDougald said last September. “It’s related to the game.”

On Gase’s side, he responded, “I felt like we had a good tempo to practice.” This Jets started 0-13, with Gase increasing his defense of how great his players are during the week following each loss.

Todd Bowles liked this phrase, too. Even after eight turnovers (including six interceptions by Ryan Fitzpatrick) a blowout loss to the premier in 2016 that Bulls called himself “A good game plan. Sh – y execution. Sh – y everywhere ”, be sure to clarify:

Great week of practice,” anyway.

Even straight shooter Rex Ryan would say so. The closest example of the phrase I could find on the Daily News came from the last year that Gates held the playoffs, the 2010 season. Ryan Ryan “Great Training Week” for his team After losing 45-3 to the Patriots. (Years later, he’d call it “the best week we’ve ever trained.”)

So Saleh gave his team 2-7 the kiss of death before Sunday’s showdown against the 3-7 Dolphins. When asked on Friday how the practices were after Joe Flacco’s surprise promotion to QB, he said they were excellent.

“I feel like their heads are in a good place,” he said. “They speak the right language and the energy in the building was really good.

“Our group is flexible. These guys, they are knocking on wood, I have been fortunate to be around some really great teams and this group, they are made from the right things. He said of the most important trait an airplane can have.

He even praised Flaco, the surprise (and unvaccinated) Writer. “Joe is locked up, he’s a professional, he’s been there and he’s done that, and I think I can speak for him, he’s really excited to get out there and show that,” Saleh said.

A tribute to Drew Gibbs, an update on Zack Wilson and AJ BROWN’s love for Elijah Moore

Saleh wore the Ramapo High School jersey to the press conference to commemorate the untimely death of soccer coach Drew Gibbs, who has led Bergen County’s powerhouse for the past two decades. “Our condolences go to his family, the players and the school,” Saleh Al-Juma’a said. “It’s been a staple of soccer jersey for far too long and it’s just a sad moment in training and it sets a lot of things straight.”

Gibbs, 59, collapsed during training earlier in the week and Died after complications from heart surgery Tuesday, according to Bergen County records.

* * *

Four players were included in Friday’s injury report: Zach Wilson (knee questionable), linebacker Nathan Shepherd (knee questionable) and goalkeeper Elijah Vera Tucker (finger questionable), as well as defensive end Chuck Lawson, who has not trained. “break.”

Saleh said Wilson was “improving” and that the team “was just trying to monitor him and make sure he was getting healthy and his self-confidence back.”

Recipient Denzel Mims, who is still out with COVID, has tested negative once and Saleh said his presence for Sunday “is still in doubt…we hope to be able to bring it back next week.”

* * *

Governor Cathy Hochhol, a Buffalo native, hit the Jets for some cheap heat Thursday. “I was at the Bills-Jets game last week,” she said, According to City & State. “I know the Jets know a lot about infrastructure, because they’ve been in the midst of a 50-year rebuilding project.”

* * *

In a touching press conference Thursday, a Titans recipient AJ Brown said he contemplated suicide last year and was stopped by aircraft recipient Elijah Moore. “God told him all the right things to say to me that night,” Moore wrote last week of a friend who saved his life. Thursday, he said the friend is Moore, his fellow Ole Miss. “I love him as if he were my brother,” Brown said. “He is such a special person. I appreciate him every day.”

Moore is a junior and was behind Brown for two years at the Ole Miss. Saleh praised Moore on Friday, saying “Elijah is just an old soul, he’s definitely a man.”

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