Don’t change your Xbox One unless you try cloud gaming – review Geek.


During its Xbox Games 2021 presentation, Microsoft announced that it would eventually bring its cloud gaming service to the Xbox Series X and Xbox One during the 2021 holiday season. Cloud gaming will allow gamers to stream more than 100 games on their consoles without wasting any hard drive space, and more impressively, it will bring Series X to your aging Xbox One.

Cloud gaming is part of Microsoft’s larger Azure strategy. It’s a little complicated, but here’s the summary – Microsoft wants to replace the powerful desktop PC and home console with monthly services. Ordinary people will stream powerful PCs to any of their devices, and they will do the same for AAA games.

In fact, you can stream big-name games already on your phone or laptop using Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. Extending this service to Xbox only makes sense, as it can greatly extend the life of the console, eliminate the need for expensive add-on hard drives, and of course, GamePass Ultimate subscriptions (15 a month). Helps sell those that are still using an Xbox One

Cloud Gaming will arrive on Xbox with access to over 100 games, all for free if you are the ultimate customer of Game Pass. Most of these games will be “last generation”, as Microsoft has not upgraded its services to support Series X titles. But once these servers are upgraded, Xbox One users will have streaming access to the next generation of titles. And as long as your internet connection is not too slow, they will run at 1080p 60FPS.

Microsoft says it will allow insiders to test cloud gaming for Xbox this fall, although the feature won’t see a wide rollout until this holiday season. If you’re on the verge of buying an expensive Xbox Series X, you might want to give Cloud Gaming a shot and see how it works on your Xbox One later this year. Now you can try cloud gaming on your computer or phone with Game Pass Ultimate subscription.

Source: CNBC

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