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Elliott City, MD, August 25, 2021 (GlobeNewsWire) – In this day and age, businesses cannot afford to rely solely on Facebook ads – or on a single channel for this matter. Following the recent failure of ad tracking, more and more businesses are turning to SEO as an alternative, more reliable source of traffic and revenue.

This is where Kewal Shah, the founder of the world-renowned e-commerce SEO agency Inbound Pursuit, comes from.

Meet Kewal Shah.

It’s no secret that college isn’t for everyone – Kevlar is one of them.

After dropping out, he was passionate about driving organic traffic to websites through online business and SEO strategies in college.

What started out as a fun project quickly became one of the most sought after SEO agencies in the world – in just a few years.

Looking back and comparing it to where it was just 4 years ago is a true proof of what can be done if you go back to the basics, to become the top 1 in your work. Dedicate yourself. Apply to work to improve.

These days, Kewell is taking the business to the top 3 in the depths of Google search results.

Its SEO services help them reach the level of appointments and profits they never dreamed of.

“If you’re not investing in SEO in 2021, and choose to rely on Facebook ads, tick-tock ads, or any other type of paid media instead, you’re going to run into two issues. For, you are totally dependent on this channel – what if that channel changes overnight?

This is an issue we’ve seen recently, as Apple has recently changed the whole landscape of paid advertising. Brands that used to see profitable ROAS before the update are now making money. But that’s not the only problem, according to Kewell.

“Even if your ads are right now – another reason for brands to invest in SEO is to increase profits. The biggest thing about SEO is that the cost of execution is usually the same throughout the campaign. As time goes on, your traffic and revenue increase! So, you’re basically seeing more and more profit margins over time. This is a little different from paid advertising, where you spend to increase revenue Are forced to increase.

This increase in profits is what defines it

Inbound Pursuit: # 1 eCommerce SEO Agency.

One thing that is clear about the inbound prosecution is how the results are driven, the primary focus extends to your bottom line..

If you’ve worked with an SEO agency in the past, you’ve probably found that most of them focus a good portion of their efforts on blogging content to pump traffic numbers.

And this is where the inbound pursuit differs from the modern SEO agency.

“We work differently here: our primary focus is to rank your money pages – these are the pages where your products or services reside. I have increased.

Another thing that sets Inbound Prosecut apart from other agencies is how personalized the campaigns are.

“SEO one size fits all – but SEO agencies are notorious for implementing the same strategy on every site they work on. This is a big reason why we have taken on-board clients who have worked with SEO agencies far more than us, but to achieve significantly better results. I have been successful.

Reach out to Inbound Pursuit to find out what Kewell and his team do to suit you.

Inbound Pursuit: Dominate Google Through SEO with Keval Shah


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