Dolphins can recover their injured positions before the match against the Giants; Didn’t see Philip Lindsay Thursday – The Boston Herald

The Miami Dolphins have both of their top spots in the injured reserve this week with the potential to activate them ahead of kick-off at 1pm on Sunday against the New York Giants.

Michael Dieter, the team’s starting center when everyone is healthy, is in his second week in training since he was set to return. The team will likely make a decision on Saturday to determine if they are ready to play after first landing on IR on October 2.

When Dieter initially fell due to a foot injury, Greg Munch took his place when the Dolphins player picked up a soccer ball. Austin Reiter was in and out on center through Mancz injuries, before Mancz eventually went to the IR due to a foot disease. Mancz in his first week after returning to the training ground.

Dieter, who also played as a goalkeeper in his time with the Dolphins, won the central job over Matt Skura in pre-season. Coach Brian Flores was pleased with his performance when he was in his first three games of the season.

“I thought he played really well at the start of the season,” Flores said on Monday. “We’ve been back for a while now, but yeah, it was a pity he got injured but he made his way back.”

Deiter’s workload in training appears to have increased since last week, although Thursday was a day touring in Miami.

“I thought he did some good things last week in practice,” Flores added. “Obviously he wasn’t ready to call him up, but we’re going to take this one day at a time and see how he trains this week. He’s working his butt to get back out there, and he’s going to try to get out there as fast as he can.”

Reiter was signed from the New Orleans Saints coaching staff on October 5 following Dieter’s initial injury. He took a while to learn the offense, and since then he’s started five of the last six Dolphins matches.

Reiter, who played for the 2019 Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs, was serviceable for most of that time, but had some surprising fouls in Sunday’s 33-10 win over the Carolina Panthers. One was so costly that, just before halftime, a snap by centre-back Tua Taguvilwa was snatched away and the Panthers recovered and ran back to the field goal area for a successful kick with one second left in the half.

Missing Lindsay

The Miami Dolphins were newly acquired running back, and Phillip Lindsay was not seen during a brief media presentation portion of the team’s stretch prior to the team’s touring.

Lindsay, after making his Dolphins debut on Sunday, was listed on the team’s injury report on Wednesday as limited with an ankle injury.

A waiver of waivers was claimed from the Houston Texans last week who had an intense session Wednesday through game morning to get ready to play against the Panthers. Lindsay contributed greatly to the win, scoring 42 yards in 12 loads and providing a key block in pass protection that allowed Tagovailoa to complete a longer pass, 57 yards to Jaylen Waddle.

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