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Dolphin Center Michael Dieter is back in training, but Miami receivers still need more time – Mercury News

Miami Dolphins quarterback Michael Dieter was back in training on Wednesday as he is likely to come close to returning from a foot injury that has kept him in injured reserve since October 2.

Dieter was seen training with a sleeve press on his right leg on Wednesday ahead of Sunday’s home game for the Dolphins against the Carolina Panthers (5-6).

Miami (4-7) will see how Deiter progresses this week to decide whether to activate the team outside of IR before Sunday or in the coming weeks.

Dolphins coach Brian Flores noted before Wednesday’s session that others he hopes to be close to returning to training – recipients Will Fuller (finger), Devante Parker (hamstrings) and back Malcolm Brown (quadriceps) – need more time. to recover from their injuries. All of them are eligible to activate from the injured reserve once they are ready.

“Everything comes close,” Flores said, “but it’s not quite there yet.”

Flores addressed the dolphins Tuesday added safety veteran Will Parks From the San Francisco 49ers coaching team.

“He obviously has some experience in this league – free safety, strong safety, kicking game,” said Flores of Parks, who wore number 36 in Miami training on Wednesday. “A chance to add him to the list, take a look at him. I got some guys banged up. That played a part in it too. I’ve watched him over the years and had the opportunity to join our team.”

Flores said cornerback Jamal Berry injured his knee in Sunday’s win over the New York Jets and knocked him out in Tuesday’s international game at the end of the season.

“I hate when that happens,” Flores said. “He has been an important contributor to this team for three years. He has been active [roster]. This year, he is in the coaching team. He was back in action last weekend and, unfortunately, this season will be over.”

The team hope, though, that outside full-back Brennan Scarlett, who was also put on injured reserve on Tuesday with a knee injury he sustained on Sunday, can return before the end of the season.

“It’s going to be at least three weeks, and we’ll kind of take it from there,” Flores said. “I don’t want to set a timetable for that.”

In his absence, Flores said the Dolphins will sign fellow outside back Vince Beagle to the 53-man squad from the coaching staff.

A valued member of the 2019 Miami defense, Beagle missed the 2020 season due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. He was back with Dolphins for training camp before this season, but was released with the injury settled before Dolphins put him back on the coaching staff in October.

“I think he’s moving really well,” Flores said. “I think it brought a lot of juice and energy to practice, when we raised him a few times.”

During the media viewing portion of Wednesday’s training session, tight end Adam Shaheen and defensive back Elijah Campbell were not seen. Shaheen was noticeably limping after a play when he made his way back to the sideline on Sunday at the Gates.

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