Dog the Bounty Hunter says his team is following along with Brian Laundrie from Hawaii, Colorado

Dog the Bounty Hunter has confirmed that his team is following up on Brian Laundrie’s new performance after the reality TV star He left the search due to injury.

Bounty hunter – real name Duane Chapman – has been leading a high-profile search for the missing 23-year-old wanted by FBI He is concerned about the death of his fiancée, Gabi Pettito.

Police are still looking for Laundry at Carlton Reserve near his family’s home in Northport, Florida. However, authorities said they had not yet found any evidence of the man, who was last seen by his family on September 13 after returning alone from his cross-country trip with Pettito.

A spokesperson for Chapman confirmed that his daughter, Lisa Chapman, is now taking the lead in the research in Florida.

“The Dog Command Center team led by Lacey Chapman and Greg Zika continue to help manage the logistics of searching and sourcing potential clients from Hawaii and Colorado, respectively,” a spokesperson said. NEWSWEEK.

The bounty hunter also confirmed that a broken ankle was the injury that interrupted his search for Laundry.

“Doug has not finished his search for Brian Laundry,” his spokesman added. “Dog and Francie Chapman both need to take care of a variety of matters at home in Colorado, including the dog’s ankle injury that occurred while on the hunt.

“There is still a group of detectives working with Dog who remain in Florida and are looking for regional advice.”

They added, “The dog’s tip line, 833-TELLDOG, is still active. The dog and team will continue to search until Brian Laundrie is found.”

Brian Laundry, bounty hunter
Moab Police / Getty Images

Lyssa Chapman confirmed that she has been searching through the tweets over the weekend.

“We are still actively looking for #BrianLaundrie, leaving a team in Florida. As always, I’ll do everything I can to share with you,” she said.

fugitive Survival is now considered unlikely as the research enters its fourth week.

The Wyoming coroner who performed the autopsy on Gabe Pettito is scheduled to hold a news conference today to discuss the postmortem findings.

The remains of the 22-year-old were found in Bridger Teton National Forest in Wyoming on September 19.

Dr. Brent Blow, the Teton County coroner, is expected to list the cause of death in his announcement to reporters and law enforcement.

Laundry has not been charged with anything related to the murder at the moment, however, there is a federal arrest warrant against him for debit card fraud.

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