Dog enjoys back massage in awesome viral video

A video of a woman massaging a dog went viral on the Internet, and has exceeded 583,600 views.

In the footage, shared by an account called Cardinalhenryp, we can see a woman stroking and massaging the Staffordshire Terrier’s back, and his reaction is adorable.

The dog, whose name is Harvey, is clearly enjoying the comfortable snuggle and the clip is made even more pleasurable by the sound.

The woman can be heard singing: “Massage, massage, back massage and back massage.”

Then she adds inexplicably: “We are in serious trouble. We are doomed to fail.”

Cardinal Henrib commented on the amazing shots, which can be viewed here, Writing: “Harvey had a mom where he wants the song for her too! #staffy #dog #puppy #funny #cute #dogs #dogsofttiktok #staff #staffie.”

The cute clip has gained a lot of traction since it was first posted on November 18, garnering more than 107,700 likes and nearly 3,500 shares.

Additionally, many people headed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the great video.

Rachel Ray, a TikTok user wrote: “Employee powers! A stamp face, a heart the size of a dustbox lid and love to last a lifetime.”

Another person, Lauren Kennedy, wrote, “Oh my God, you can tell me he loves her with all his heart.”

Shauna McGarty added “This makes me so happy” along with a racy emoji.

KaraHaraLara revealed, “This is me every night with my blue employee son, I’m glad I’m not the only grandmother who sings for her child.”

Jondmapp joked: “The way he looked at the camera ㅋㅋㅋ This boy is spoiled.”

“Once they pull their heads back like that, you know it’s real,” Kggllednek explained.

User5045485892383 commented: “My staff absolutely adores the grama and the daddy. I used to bring him home the grumpy house I do aged care and see the ladies there. He loved it.”

JoAnne Turner revealed, “He loves it…my grandmother spoiled my employee as a kid.”

Dignity gushed 896: “Ah, that’s priceless, so sweet, we treat them like children, don’t we.”

. recently uploaded a video A cat enjoying an electronic massager The virus has also spread.

In the clip, the pet, dressed in a small red shirt, closes its eyes in blissful relaxation while the masseur holds various parts of his head.

At one point, the clips cut to the cats leaning on top of the gadget, with their ears back as they melt in the massage, we can’t help but feel a little jealous.

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Stock photo of the Staffordshire terrier. On TikTok, a dog with a similar appearance was filmed receiving a massage, which is pretty cool.
Adri/Getty Images

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