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Dodgers vs Cardinals score live updates: St. Louis hits first at Wilde

The untamed pitch allows the running back home as the Cardinals lead, 1-0.

Tommy Addiction singled out, stole second place, and advanced to third by tagging a pop-up and scoring on the wild ground.

Look closely at the front row behind the house panel, silhouetted toward the Dodgers’ bunker as you look at your television: Washington player and NLMVP candidate Juan Soto sits next to his agent, Scott Borras. Soto is wearing a Tria Turner shirt. But don’t think Soto picks a team: It’s a Turner jersey from his time with the Nationals.

The NL wild-card game has officially started, with Max Scherzer delivering a 95-mph fastball to Tommy Edman for a ball. One of those teams will finish their season in about three hours.

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LOS ANGELES – With Hollywood just a fly ball or two away from Dodger’s court, it would be fitting if longtime Cardinal Albert Pujols showed up for a big moment against his former team, especially with Adam Wainwright starting tonight’s wild card game and Yader. Molina behind the St. Louis plaque.

The three won the World Championships together in St. Louis in 2006 and 2011 and remain close friends.

So how cool would that be…

“There’s nothing great about this team out there right now for us,” Wainwright said during Tuesday’s practice here. He added, “Albert is a great friend, but now we’re fighting. We’ll make up after that. But we’re fighting now.”

His words echoed what Pujols said last week, anticipating this confrontation.

“I still have a lot of respect for that organization, and for a lot of guys on that side, but the more we cross that line, it’s about a job,” Pujols said. “It is all about helping your team win. After all is said and done, we are still friends and the respect is still mutual.”

Wainwright had another interesting point.

“I was watching ‘Last Chance U’ earlier and they were reviewing the game plan and the team they were going against, and one of the players was impressed by how fast the other quarterback was,” Wainwright said. “And the coach stopped him and said, ‘Don’t be a fan.'”

“At the moment, we can’t be fans of this other team.”

Now he can be told: Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said he lost a bet with his friend and former Giants manager, Bruce Bochy, on San Francisco ending the Los Angeles streak for eight consecutive NL West titles. “He had Giants, I had Dodgers, I lost dinner and a nice bottle of Bordeaux.”

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LOS ANGELES – One of the main challenges for the Dodgers when bowler Max Scherzer and catcher Will Smith begin tonight: control of a running game in St. Louis.

The Cardinals ranked sixth in the Majors with 89 stolen bases this season. Additionally, three Cardinals are among the top 50 MLB players in sprint speed (feet per second) according to Statcast: Edmundo Sosa (13, 29.8), Tyler O’Neal (15, 29.7) and Harrison Bader (20, 29.5). Tommy Edman, the Cardinals’ rookie hitter, is out of the top 50 at 52nd.

Cardinals manager Mike Scheldt will go with Sosa for a short ride over Paul Dejong and finish seventh in the lineup. O’Neill hits third and plays on the left field, Badr hits eighth and plays center field.

“It was a tough decision,” Scheldt said of starting Sosa on Dejong. “I felt like there were two variables put into it, but in the end I felt like Sosa got the chance.”

Scheldt said Sosa is “a big reason why we got where we are.”

“It’s a solid football club,” said Los Angeles manager Dave Roberts. “They are very pushy, very aggressive.”

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‘Listen, this is not rocket science. I’ve seen men take on this kind of role towards the end of their careers. I know I’m not the player I used to be. I think everyone knows that. But I think I can still contribute.

Albert Pujols

Los Angeles – It was a busy house, big moment and baseball was soaring skyward on a straight line towards October. Albert Pujols saw a uniform he never expected to wear from a place he never imagined. It was teammate Cory Seeger’s blast that ignited the roar that capped an evening in Los Angeles last week. And there was the Pujols, in the Dodgers’ lair, leading the cheers.

Once upon a time, back in the days when he was known as The Machine, Pujols commanded his own spotlight. Those big moments now belong mostly to others, while Pujols focuses on what is usually the look of a single, strategically placed, night painting versus a left-handed saviour.

The Dodgers signed the Pujols in May, four days after they signed him unofficial release by the Los Angeles Angels and in the final season of a 10-year contract worth $240 million. In his very specific role, he thrived beyond expectations, burning lefties with a batting average of 306 and ending the season with 12 homers and 38 RBI for the Dodgers.

His teammates chant the joy of life. And now the man who dominated the Octobers with St. Louis is back in the post-season for the first time since 2014 — and his first test will come on Wednesday against the much-loved Cardinals at Dodger Stadium. Its frustrating ending with Angels fades from the narrative.

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With Max Muncy out of the squad after dislocating his left elbow at the end of the season on Sunday against Milwaukee, the Dodgers decided to start left-footed Matt Beaty at first base, use Cody Bellinger’s defensive skills in the middle and leave Albert Pujols As a weapon he struck off the bench in Wednesday night’s wild card game against St. Louis.

“It starts with who’s on the hill,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, referring to his co-star Max Scherzer.

Roberts noted that Scherzer is a “man with a big strike” and that the St. Louis lineup includes “a good number of right bats”. So, Roberts said, defending in midfield and at first base was important and that he expected most of the Cardinals’ grounds to be on the left side of the field, where veterans mains Cory Seeger (Shortstop) and Justin Turner (third base) would wait.

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With their season of 106 wins at stake in a single elimination match, the Dodgers will have Max Scherzer on the hill. He’s 37 years old and has won three Cy Young Awards, but in this promotion match, he qualifies to be the youngster. In contrast, it will be Adam Wainwright, 40, who won his first World Series ring when Scherzer was still in college.

The successful showdown of the year was hard to anticipate, as Wainwright has dealt with injuries and declines in recent years, and Scherzer has been firmly entrenched with the Washington Nationals. But both veterans have proven quite dominant this season, making tonight’s game a must even after the incredibly high stakes.

For Wainwright, the five-year period of injury and contradiction in the 2020 season that has been cut short by the pandemic has finally been lifted. His strong work in the beginning of 10 last year moved to this season, His best overall performance since 2014, with a 17-7 record, 3.05 ERA and 174 hits.

For Scherzer, the July 30 deal presented an opportunity to go from also a contestant champ to a potential champ. After the trade, he found his best, going 7-0 in 11 starts with L.A. with 1.98 ERA and 89 strokes in just 68⅓ innings. So he got Professional hit number 3000 Elegantly by flirting with the perfect game. The Dodgers have won every game they’ve started.

Wainwright beat the Dodgers on his only start against them in 2021, allowing four wins in eight rounds and a third from a 5-4 win on September 8. And they beat them both times, allowing no earned runs in 14 rounds of action.

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One entered the season as the reigning title and bettor of choice for repeat. The other wasn’t closed in the playoffs until the final weeks of the season. But two National League franchises, who have combined for 18 world titles, will face off in a wild card game that will push one into a league series and send home the other licking his wounds and wondering what could have been.

  • Who is the: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

  • what or what: National League wild game

  • when: 8:10 PM ET

  • where: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles

  • Why: A place in the Divisional Series against the San Francisco Giants with 107 wins

  • TV: TBS

  • flow: Various services such as Sling, Hulu Live, and FuboTV will broadcast the TBS feed, which is also available via TBS.com and the TBS app.

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