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Doctor Who Flux – When was the chief doctor Gallifrey?

Doctor from Spoilers follow.

The universe was (sort of) destroyed at the end Doctor from Last week, but a little bit of total annihilation isn’t enough to keep our good doctor down, not for long anyway. At the beginning flow Episode two, character Jodie Whittaker barely has enough time to say, “We’re still here, wherever he is,” before plunging into a new and unimproved version of Crimean War, which now features a snoring set of Suntaran.

Before they can lend a hand, Yaz and Dan are quickly transported away elsewhere, one to the Temple of Atropos on a planet called Time, and the other to…well, Liverpool. This leaves the Doctor to stop the conflict on her own, until she encounters Mary Sekull, the legendary British-Jamaican nurse who founded the “British Hotel” during the Crimean War.

As modern-day Dan Sontarans battle with nothing more than a wok and a company’s wannabe Wookiee, the Doctor comes to discover that the Sontarans have always been on Earth – or at least that will soon be the case if their time attack works in their favour.

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Their plan is to take advantage of all the chaos flowing in and turn the land into the site of Sontaran. The Crimean War is the perfect time to do this, apparently, because there is “a lot of conflict, a lot of opportunities…” Oh, and the commander also wants to ride a horse. We’re sure there are easier ways to venture this way, but we keep going.

Before Suntaran Chit hits the fan, the doctor asks a wounded soldier to make a deal with their commander. What is important here is that the doctor does not reveal herself as the doctor. Instead, she claims I know Dr., and will be happy to share information about her if her demands are met. Sontaran agrees, and is happy to try to improve his situation after such an embarrassing arrest.

But the most interesting thing about this scene is the way the doctor describes herself as “the former boss of Gallifre.” And no, she doesn’t lie. For the most part, this Doctor from This bizarre chapter in the Doctor’s past has been largely overlooked by the revival, but longtime Wolves will remember that everyone’s favorite Time Lord actually presided over Gallifrey for a brief period in the 1970s, more than once, in fact.

The first example of this occurred in the 15th season of the original show during an arc known as “The Conquest of Time,” which aired in 1978. Tom Baker, was in the lead at this point, and this story also marked Louise Jameson’s last appearance as his buddy for the night.

After the Doctor nominated himself for president during The Deadly Assassin storyline, it turns out that he technically won by default because the other nominee is dead. However, it wasn’t until the “invasion of time” that the Doctor actually returned to Gallifrey and took over the presidency, complete with a full inauguration.

But that didn’t last, because by the time Arc of Infinity aired in 1983, we had the goodness President The Doctor referred to his former teacher, Burusa, as the new head of the Time Lord. Then things turned around again later that year when the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, took over the job from Burrosa in The Five Doctors.

Tom Baker, Fourth Doctor, Doctor Who


You’d be forgiven if you thought time masters pass presidents faster than a doctor passes through his buds because three years later, in 1986, we learned that our doctor, now Colin Baker, has since been ousted.

This was revealed during the Time Lord Trial when the Inquisitor indicated that the Sixth Doctor could not be the Lord’s Head for Gallifrey anymore because he had “willfully neglected the responsibility” of his office. When asked to stand again later in the same story, our doctor refused, perhaps because he was tired of writing “Lord President Doctor” on every birthday card.

As if that wasn’t confusing enough, the Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy, later referred to himself as “Chief-Elect” in “Remembrance of the Daleks,” although he may have messed with the Daleks at this point.

In 2017, Big Finish came to the rescue and tried to solve some of this time-stirring nonsense with a new audio story called Time In Office, which addressed that period right after Peter Davison took over. “The Five Doctors” before the trial of Colin Baker. Here, fans learned a lot about the Gallivrian lore and what life was like for the Doctor as president.

Are you still with us? Treat yourself to some fish custard because we’re pretty much done with all that unbearable stuff. The only question that remains is why the doctor decided now was the right time to remind us of her political past?

Of course, the Presidency is at least partially mentioned to intimidate Suntaran’s captor and bring him on board. But it is also worth noting that the “conquest of time”And That episode where the Doctor first took on the role, also featured heavily in Sontarans, so this #humblebrag was actually very relevant to the current situation.

Dr. Yaz and Fender


By the end of the second episode of Flux, the Doctor and her companions will be able to defeat the Sontarans on two fronts, but they hold a victory dance because TARDIS is being kidnapped and summoned to the planet known as Time. There, unfortunately, the Doctor is reunited with Swarm and his two companions, Azure and Passenger.

Their goal? Well, their general goals aren’t entirely clear yet, other than messing with the Doctor, but at the moment, they’re trying to repair the Temple of Atropos by blasting the “full power of time” through Yaz. ouch.

Well, sure, it would take more than Rice Pudding and Strong Liquor to get our favorites out of this, but if anyone has a chance to save Yaz, and the entire universe by extension, it’s Lord High Chief Doctor of Gallifrey!

Doctor Who: The flow (also known as Series 13) is broadcast weekly every Sunday night on BBC One in the UK. In the US, the show airs on BBC America, with series 1-12 available on HBO Max.

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