Do-Dodonpa, “the world’s fastest roller coaster”, shuts down after passengers suffer broken bones | Globalism

A roller coaster has been shut down in Japan after four passengers sustained broken bones, possibly due to its extreme acceleration.

The Do-Dodonpa in Fuji-Q Highland near Mount Fuji is said to be the world’s fastest roller coaster, reaching over 110 mph in just over 1.5 seconds.

Most rollercoasters achieve their maximum speeds on the slopes after a slow climb, but the Do-Dodonpa accelerates quickly on the spot.

The first incident occurred in December when a woman in her 30s experienced pain when she returned home after riding a rollercoaster. She sustained fractures in her neck and chest.

In May, a man in his forties sustained a compression fracture of his spine. Then in July, a woman in her fifties was found to have fractures

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