Disney’s Aladdin returns to Broadway after 18 months in darkness due to the coronavirus pandemic

NEW YORK CITY – More than a dozen Broadway shows have reopened as New York City’s theater district slowly comes back to life from the 18-month COVID-19 lockdown.

As the lights return from the Great White Way’s darkest period, Disney’s “Aladdin” raises the curtain on Tuesday night.

This is particularly good news for Michael Malekiel, who is making his Broadway debut in the title role.

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The Razmatas are back on Broadway with this show’s comeback, two weeks after “The Lion King” started live shows again.

“One of the cool things, if you’re looking at the silver linings in this whole process, is that we’ve kind of been in everything together,” Mallikle said.

However, it wasn’t easy to wait long for his debut.

“Yeah, as the months went by, it was hard,” he said. “It was definitely tough, and we all had to find ways, you know, to bring energy into our lives outside of our performance.”

In mid-July, Disney Theatrical, which is owned by the same parent company as this ABC station, planned to resume.

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“When we all had to see each other for the first time, there was a lot of passion, a lot of tears and all things,” said Michael James Scott, who plays the Genie. “We’re still moving away, all and all of the secure protocols, but we were so excited to see each other.”

The safety of the performers and the audience remains the number one priority.

“We’ve built a protocol system that’s as good as possible,” said Thomas Schumacher, Disney’s head of theater. “I think we’ve gone a little bit further than other industries have done.”

So far, so good, Scott told GMA3 he can’t wait to take the stage.

“It’s the sweetest, craziest, most surreal gift to say we’re back,” he said.

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