Digital Marketing Management for Zoom Digital Performed Website Development and Gymnastics.

Zoom Digital launched a strategic advertising campaign for organic content development and gymnastics, as well as raising social media brand awareness to grow its online business.

Scope of work

  • Website improvement.
  • Landing page development.
  • SEO
  • Web maintenance.
  • Social media management.

Client background.

Gymnastics is a cheap and flexible gym chain in the United Arab Emirates. It is their core belief that health and wellness should be reasonably affordable and accessible without compromising on quality standards.

Operates some of the largest gym facilities in the UAE, with over 500 pieces of state-of-the-art matrix gym equipment, offering 200 classes per month, including everything for free, including virtual and on-demand Classes


Gymnastics wanted to improve and maintain its website, create a landing page, spread social media brand awareness, increase participants’ monthly challenges, increase online program sales and support with new launches. The main goal was to increase their presence in relevant online search results, to get more leads, sales and revenue to grow your business online.

The role of zoom digital

Zoom Digital conducted detailed research on current issues and completed a strategic advertising campaign with detailed organic content development and regular strategy recommendations, monitoring internal engagement, as well as monthly analytical reporting.

Zoom Digital’s Digital Marketing Specialists team conducted an SEO audit with competitive reviews and keyword research to create an integrated SEO plan. They also ensure that the website is “responsive” to all onsite content, as well as the type of device the user is using: computer, tablet, laptop or mobile.

Winning results.

Zoom Digital’s digital marketing tactics have been instrumental in growing the gym business as targeting the right audience through effective targeted marketing has become an ideal and effective way to give more exposure to the gym and fitness business. went. Therefore, they achieved the ultimate marketing goals of online channels such as social media as well as search.


  • 35% increase in organic traffic in 4 months.
  • Domain rating increased from 21 to 34.
  • 56% increase in backlinks
  • First page ranking in 4 months.
  • Gained maximum website speed.

About Zoom Digital

Zoom Digital is a full services digital marketing agency and software development house based in Dubai. They are a team of expert developers, designers and digital marketing professionals who are passionate about their work and achieving results for their customers.

Zoom Digital will work with your team to develop a unique, integrated digital marketing strategy and program aimed at raising awareness and registering new prospects to help you grow your business.

They can provide a complete end-to-end service, including full campaign and project management, as well as transparent reporting, as well as building trust-based collaboration.

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