Digital car keys are coming to Android soon.

Screenshot of the car unlock feature. ۔

This is the only screenshot we have of the key capabilities of Android’s digital car, and it looks like we’ll see it as soon as the Pixel 6 launches.
Image: Google

Google’s 6 pixels The smartphone is buzzing with a ton of features and features ahead of next week’s event. Can also bring Official launch of Android digital car support.

Although we know. Digital car keys Backing up to Android 12 since the beta launch, an update to Google Play Services has been discovered. XDA Developers Indicates the ability to insert your car key into your phone. Exactly around the corner. The update includes several lines of code that appear. Relevance, including lines of code that refer to the use of NFC to unlock a car.

The code also indicates that this feature will have a limited rollout first. This is to be expected, given that Google launches new capabilities within selected markets before pushing them everywhere.

Once the key feature of the digital car begins to appear, users will begin to see its configuration prompts. You will need to install a special digital car key service, in addition to using a password-protected lock screen before you can use it, along with credentials stored in Google Pay.

Google Announced She was retrieving the keys to the digital car. On Google I / O when it increased the functionality of its proprietary Fast Pair., Which uses. Bluetooth Low Energy to quickly find matching devices, although the company did not say when we can actually expect to use digital car keys. Google has partnered with carmakers to enable digital keys via UWB (Ultra Wide Band) Tech and NFC. Ultra wide band, which can walk up to 100 feet, More smartphones and premium car models are still being added. NFC has a low range and you need to tap your phone on the physical access point. It’s like the difference between a wireless fob and a physical metal car key to unlock a car from a distance.

It is rumored that Google will have an official launch event for Pixel 6 on October 19. The key capability of the digital car. It probably sounds like Google. The premium model, the Pixel 6 Pro, will be included. Support For UWB unlock procedure.

Google and Apple have been around for a long time. Teasing The ability to unlock your car using just one smartphone, and it looks closer than ever. Although the UWB technology that enables it is limited to a handful of Android devices, Apple has been bundling it since the iPhone 11. Vehicle support is also limited, with only Google’s name BMW as a. Partner (although this may change). And while digital car keys aren’t the best alternative to the physical, it seems like the first serious sign that we’ll soon be able to leave home with just one smartphone and nothing more – for better or worse.


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