Diddy removes Jermaine Dupree’s music in unofficial movie “Viruzes” – VIDEO – Hollywood life

Rap icons have started a verbal argument over who has had the most successful career in the music industry!

There is nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! Jermaine Dupreand 48 and Didi, 51, during an Instagram Live session with rap legends Fat Joe And Snoop Dogg On Friday 17th September. The couple was discussing a virtual turquoise match, as they each put their biggest hits to the test against each other, and things started to get heated up, as Diddy challenged Jermaine.

Part of the beef appears to have stemmed from Diddy’s claim that Jermaine – who has worked with artists such as Mariah Carey, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, And Weezer, to name a few – they didn’t have enough hit songs to contend with him in turquoise battle. “I had the most artists,” Didi shouted into the camera. Jermaine clapped again because he felt he had more number one hits. “We are talking about number one, I thought you were talking about me. You as an artist: I salute you,” he said sarcastically. It is worth noting that both artists have massive recordings among the songs and tracks they produced for other musicians.

After Jermaine’s response, the founder of Bad Boy Records took his coldest criticism of the legendary producer, asking him to take on another legendary hit maker. Dr. Dre, before ending the call. “I don’t even hear them play any of your strengths. When they come back to the club, I don’t hear anyone playing any of your strengths,” he said. “I want Dre!”

Earlier in the live broadcast, Jermaine declined Diddy’s first choice of lead song for A Turquoise: The 1997 movie “Victory”, in which he appeared Posta Rhymes And notorious big “The guy said I don’t have enough hits, right? Every song I could play, if I wanted to, it’d be a record one. He just told me he’d start with a mediocre**”, said Jermaine. “I got over 20 hits.”

Jermaine Dupre has made it clear that he wants to face Diddy at the Battle of Virgos. (Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

at one point, Jermaine said he’s sold more R&B records than Diddy and mentioned some of the rap mogul’s product deals, away from his focus on music. He said, “You don’t have anything R & B sold 10 million.” “You sell alcohol. I sell records.”

at another point, Diddy described Jermaine as “soft as butter,” but the producer mocked Diddy with one of his most famous songs: “Big Poppa” by Notorious B.I.G. “Can you do my remix of ‘Big Poppa’ please, because it’s better than your song?” On a new verse on that f**k. He criticized Diddy and accused Jermaine of “spoiling his legacy.” Jermaine kept describing Diddy as “scared.” Before leaving, Diddy also smiled and made sure to mention that he and Jermaine were close, and the whole exchange seemed to have been fun.

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