Did North Seattle Finally Get a Costco? Wholesaler makes storage plans on Aurora Avenue North

Costco shoppers in the north Seattle You might not have to make the trip to the Industrial Estate or Shoreline stores much longer to get the bulk goods: The company has made initial plans to open a second store in town.

Location, 13550 Aurora Ave. N., is the site of the former Sam’s Club, which Suddenly closed in 2018. The diagrams provided mostly describe the inner workings, according to daily trade magazineThe renovation work was estimated at around $10 million.

The retail space is estimated at 145,000 square feet. It is unclear when construction will begin on the site. The Issaquah-based retailer currently operates 32 stores across Washington state.

This isn’t the first time the company has looked to North Seattle for potential expansion in the area: Costco considered opening a three-story warehouse at the intersection of Aurora and 125 North Street in 2003, according to reports from Seattle Times. The development plans were opposed by the Haller Lake Community Club, as residents wanted a more pedestrian-friendly commercial development. The project was later canceled by the company in 2004.

An upcoming store may also face similar concerns from members of the community who want to make the busy road safer for pedestrians and cyclists. While Minor speed reductions The Aurora Avenue North project took place earlier this year, and it remains one of the city’s most dangerous roads for pedestrians, motorcyclists and drivers.

wrote in Aurora Alliance Reimagined In a Facebook post on Friday.

The alliance was formed this year after SDOT announced an expected $2 million in funding for a traffic study along Aurora Street.

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