Destiny 2 Witch Queen February 2022, adds armament.

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Bungee finally revealed. Destiny 2.Of The witch queen. Today the expansion and the game seems to be exactly what it needs, even if it doesn’t start until February 22, 2022.

The witch queen. He will focus on Savathan, the hive god of cunning and deception, and will see the players discover the world of his throne as he finally tries to confront the old. Destiny The villain who was so far confined to the shadows. Although Savathûn is very real, too long, And it looks like the game will become one of the game’s biggest enemies in years to come, complete with the ability to make Traveler Light itself weird.

The new annual expansion will bring with it a new type of Glaive Weapons that will include emergency combos and projectile strikes, as well as two new basements in a full five years. Even bigger: Destiny 2. Finally getting a craft system. We don’t know much about how it will work, but players will be able to build their own weapons and improve them over time. If it wasn’t MMORPG before, it certainly will be now. The witch queen.The story campaign will also introduce a new challenging system that will grow to the size of your fireteam and move to a newer, more customized Stasis subclass system that starts out of nowhere.

There is a ton of speculation about. The witch queen. Ever since Bungee took the unprecedented step of announcing it in the early years of last summer when it unveiled the upcoming expansion of Destiny 2 as part of an integrated mini-trilogy. Rumor mill Went to Over Drive this summer. After the arrival of some big alleged leaks, if true, it will turn around. Destiny The universe is at his head, and today Bungee confirmed that some of them were right.

Dine Queen's glue weapon will have both commotion and projectile attacks.

Screenshot: Bungee

Not only will Southan’s child be deadly in itself, his hive will also handle their own ghosts, patterns that were previously thought to be available only to lucky heroes. Based on the trailer, it looks like these new hive enemies will follow a class system as a player like Warlock, Titan, Hunter is filtered out.

as usually , Destiny 2.The next annual expansion will be in just a few weeks, But repeated delays Covid 19 has dramatically taken back the over-archiving calendar of live service games during epidemics. last year. Beyond the light Extending the arrival season for a few extra months did not reach November. And with The witch queen. Not coming until next year, it will be interesting to see how Bungee handles the constant flow of updates. Season 15 begins today.. The studios said that on September 10, Osiris trials will receive a new anti-chat update and solo rows, while a special bungee 30th anniversary content pack will be live for the game in December.

The coming season during the traditional annual extension is slightly weaker than some of their mid-year counterparts. Hopefully the lost season awaits and construction continues. The witch queen. Worth it.


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