Derek Lawrence: Tiger Woods’ silence is deafening… We haven’t had an official update since March

Amidst a flurry of recent announcements about tiger wood, one leaflet left missing: How the hell is it?

We heard about the inspiring role he played behind the scenes in Ryder Cup. We’ve seen some nostalgic photos in connection with the 25th anniversary of his first tour victory. Las vigas.

On his website, they celebrated a similar teacher to his establishment with the cute story of a boy from humble beginnings who graduated through one of its programs and is now training to become an aviation mechanic.

There has been no official update on Tiger Woods’ recovery since way back in March

On Twitter and Instagram, where we usually hear about him these days, we were told by a first-rate field assembled for his 20-man sponsored event in the Bahamas in December, including Bryson DeChambeau, Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy.

There is only one problem with all of these updates. That inevitably leads us to question the health of a man who remains, by miles, the biggest name in sports.

The last official statement was back in March, a month after the horrific car accident in Los Angeles in which he nearly lost his life. “I will recover at home, and work on getting stronger every day,” the statement concluded.

Two weeks ago, Tiger, along with his longtime girlfriend Erica, was wearing a medical sleeve on his right leg, the one that bore the brunt of the punishment when his SUV drove into a bank.

The photo indicated that he was able to at least enjoy a quality of life, which is the first item on his wish list as soon as the horrific images of the car accident surfaced.

Woods was involved in a car accident in Los Angeles, where he almost lost his life

Emergency responders assess the damaged car that Woods drives in February

Emergency responders assess the damaged car that Woods drives in February

Would this really be intrusive if we had quarterly updates? How does he progress, what can he do, any probability of him picking up a putter? To be fair, this was never the tiger’s way.

Instead, we got quotes from his tour mates, usually centered around general sentiments like “He’s doing well” and “Focus on his recovery.”

For the millions of his fans who are hungry for information from a horse’s mouth, waiting shouldn’t be long now for something more important. Pencil at his event in the Bahamas.

Tiger will definitely want to show his face, do some TV commentary and prove that now he’s on the mend. Two months after his forty-sixth birthday, that would be an ominous sign in regards to any prospect of a return to the tournament if he is not able to mark that date.

Saudi orders offer a glimpse into the future

and so it begins. According to US Golfweek, Lee Westwood, Tommy Fleetwood and defending champion Dustin Johnson are among the first batch of eight players to apply for PGA Tour exemptions to play at the Saudi Invitational in February. There will be more.

The Saudis were unable to agree on a way forward with the European Tours and PGA Tours for their proposed world circuit, so they bought the Asian Tour and shifted their invite event from the Euro schedule to that event.

It will take place after the events in Abu Dhabi and Dubai on the European Tour, and of course there will be plenty of incentives on offer for the stars to spend an extra week.

Defending champion Dustin Johnson is among the first batch of players to apply for exemptions from the PGA Tour to play at the Saudi Invitational in February

Defending champion Dustin Johnson is among the first batch of players to apply for exemptions from the PGA Tour to play at the Saudi Invitational in February

The PGA-Euro Tour Alliance’s default position is to reject such concessions – after all, there will be an event held in the same area that week on the last track – but will they do it when the push comes to shove?

Could this ultimately be the first legal battle that Paul McGinley has so darkly suggested in these pages recently might be the fate of the sport over the next few years?

Did the European Tour wipe out their qualifying school? It is usually around this time of the year that 150 or so players from around the world gather in Spain in hopes of getting a ticket to play on the main track but it has not been held in 2020 and will not be organized this season either.

The Tour insists that no long-term decision has been made with the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to be the official explanation for not playing but don’t be surprised if a thing of the past is now proven.

This year, the tour went to a model similar to the PGA Tour, with cards awarded instead to the top 20 of the Reserve circuit, the Challenge Tour.

I fear it is the death knell for the school titled “Golf’s Hardest Test,” a place where terror and neurosis haunt every shot, but where stories of sacrifice and untold joy emerge.


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