Deontay Wilder makes his demands before fighting Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder Has demanded to be given a full pay check and a WBC address if Tyson Fury He withdraws from their three-way fight on October 9.

The match is the third between the two giants, and the first confrontation in December 2018 was judged a draw with Fury Wilder stripped of the title In February 2020.

The fight was originally scheduled for July 24 but Fury had to withdraw after it Tested positive for Covid. Wilder now thinks his opponent can pull back again.

“If he doesn’t show up, he will have to bear the consequences and penalties that have been set,” Wilder said. 78SportsTV. “If he doesn’t fight, pay me what you’re supposed to pay me. Then you have to give up that belt as well.

“So it’s a win-win situation, it’s a lose-lose situation for him. That’s the great thing about why, the saying has always said that history repeats itself. We know his actions are always the same, he’s done this many times as he tries to get out of fights. It was He has a door to escape from. But at this moment he has no more doors, no options.

“He has to put himself up or shut up or fight or retire. Either you fight and give me my money or give up that belt. It’s a win-win situation and yet I can sleep at night.”

was angry Court forced him to advance to a three-way fight after trying to arrange a match with fellow British boxer Anthony Joshua.

While the couple are unable to move forward with meeting as soon as possible, they are still eager to fight each other with Joshua recently declaring his wish on Monday.

Tell BBC 5 Live: “We need it for boxing. I need it, you need it, the boxing world needs it. It’s very hard to get better at boxing. It’s hard to improve.

“So fighting Tyson Fury is really challenging for me, because I’m going to put that pressure on myself to really get better. But it’s what we all need, I just need it to see how good I am. Come on, let’s go through this bootcamp again.”

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