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Dennis Knotts dies: Mrs. Brown’s Boys star Brendan commemorates the death of a crew member

Mrs. Brown’s boy props master, Dennis Knotts, is remembered after his death following a battle with the coronavirus


Dennis Knotts, who worked at Mrs. Brown Boys, passed away.

The show’s creator worked for ten years as a props expert and died after a battle with Covid, earlier this month.

The show’s star Brendan O’Carroll, heartbroken by the loss, paid tribute to Dennis and shared that he was “a member of the family” and that his death “devastated” the cast and crew of the Mrs. Brown Boys.

“He was the most amazing guy, and in fact, we dedicated the Christmas episode to him, we liked him so much,” Brendan said.

“He’s been on every show we’ve done with BBC This is ten years now. He was the master of props on every single one of them. He told the Irish Independent newspaper.

“We lost a family member. There were people who worked with Denise for 40 years and they were completely devastated; they can’t believe it.”

The cast and crew of The Mrs Brown’s Boys mourn the loss of props master Dennis Knotts



Denise, worked for BBC Scotland, where Mrs. Brown Boys was filmed.

Brendan’s wife and co-star, Jenny Gibney, told the outlet that the cast and crew were in the middle of filming one of the upcoming Christmas specials when they learned of Dennis’ death.

“We were in the middle of recording that episode when we got news of his death,” she said.

“We made the show for Dennis. That’s how we all went through it. We said, ‘Let’s do this for Dennis.’ And we did.”

Mrs. Brown Boys star Brendan O’Carroll shares his grief over the loss



Brendan said the entire cast was “devastated”



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Jenny said Denise’s tragic death serves as a reminder that the threat of Covid-19 is still alive.

“I think you need to remember that the virus is still there and continue to take all precautions,” she added.

According to IMDB, Dennis has had an impressive resume and has worked on several TV and blockbuster movies including Taggart, Jonathan Creek, The Lakes, and Sea of ​​Souls.

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