Denmark bans life-sentenced prisoners from starting new romantic treatments | Denmark

Prisoners serving life sentences in Denmark must be prevented from starting new romantic relationships after it emerged that a 17-year-old had fallen in love with Peter Madsen, The killer of journalist Kim Wol, while he was in prison.

For the first 10 years of their imprisonment, long-term contacts with prisoners, by mail, telephone or the Internet, will be limited to people they already knew before entering prison, under legislation introduced by the Social Democrat-led government.

“We have seen abhorrent examples in recent years of prisoners who have committed heinous crimes contacting young people to gain their sympathy and attention,” said Justice Minister Nick Hikrupp. “Obviously this has to stop.”

The six-point bill, which has the support of the center-right opposition and should take effect in January, would also stop allowing long-term prisoners to post freely about their crimes on social media or discuss them in a podcast.

Currently, long-time inmates can write, call and receive visits from people they didn’t know before their imprisonment, and share details of their crimes online. Hekrupp said prisons should not serve as “dating hubs or media platforms for bragging about crimes.”

The bill comes after a public outcry about the way Madsen, who killed and then dismembered Wall in 2017 when she went to meet him on his homemade submarine, was able to form relationships with at least two women while they were in prison.

The inventor who was convicted of premeditated murder, aggravated sexual assault and desecration of a corpse but only He confessed to killing Wall In a TV documentary last year, he met and married in 2020 Jenny Corbin, 39, a Russian artist in Finland, after correspondence and visits that began shortly after his sentencing in April 2018.

Madsen also had a telephone and written relationship with Camilla Corsten, who first called him when she was a 17-year-old schoolgirl in 2017 and Last year, he told Danish public radio station DK In a sentimental interview she was “totally in love with him”.

Human rights experts said they expect challenges to the new law. On the face of it, Jens Elo Ritter, of the University of Copenhagen, told BT that a proposed ban on new relationships would “conflict prisoners’ right to a private life”, while outlawing public statements might “raise questions about censorship”.

Wal who wrote about it Watchman And The New York Times, last seen alive on the submarine Nautilus, on August 10, 2017. Its severed torso was found floating off the coast of Copenhagen 10 days after it was reported missing. Her head, legs and clothes were discovered in bags at sea in October.

Madsen, who was rescued shortly before the ship sank, initially claimed to have put the journalist on dry land. Then, he changed his story, saying that she died when a heavy blanket accidentally fell on her head during their short journey on the 17 m (56 ft) submarine.

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