Demi Lovato and Ji Eazy Get Candid in Powerful New Video “Meltdown” – Hollywood Life

G-Eazy and Demi Lovato drop a new collaboration, and they’ve gotten pretty candid about factual headlines and controversies.

Demi Lovatoand 29 and ji easy, 32, have opened up about the controversies in a powerful new music video. The A-listers teamed up for their latest song, “Breakdown,” which fell on September 17, and watched the pair talk candidly about their struggles in the spotlight. The clip started with some real-life news headlines flashing on the screen, regarding Demi and G-Eazy’s drug overdose. legal problems.

Demi and Ji-Eazy. Photo: CelebCandidly / MEGA

The words then delve into the agonizing challenges both singers faced, “I was fighting my demons, but they didn’t fight fair / But I kept saying ‘It’s all right, I swear’ / All alone in a dark place, isn’t the light over there / What f ** ked up is that I might actually love it there,” G-Eazy raps. The Former Disney Channel star Then he sings, “I have big plans, but none of them feel like mine. And I miss the days when I felt like me / Because I was trapped in all freedom / Throw my heart to the ceiling / Have another drink so I can hear the voice of reason / I have big plans, But none of them feel like mine.”

The song comes just a week before G-Eazy is due to release his fourth album, These things also happened, On September 24th. As fans know, he was also arrested and charged with assault on September 13, after an altercation in a nightclub left someone needing stitches in the head. A NYPD spokesperson said: “He was arrested on September 13 at 233 West 10th Street (Standard Hotel) for punching a 32-year-old man and a 29-year-old man.” Hollywood Live in time.

Demi and Ji-Eazy. Photo: CelebCandidly / MEGA

Meanwhile, Demi recently opened up about being in a range “Forever Journey” When it comes to their gender. The “Cool for the Summer” singer made this remark in The nineteenth representation summitThey spoke about their decision to exit as a non-duo earlier this year. “There may be a time when I’m considered trans, I don’t know what that sounds like to me,” Demi said. “There may be a time when I consider myself non-binary and gender incompatible throughout my life. Or perhaps there will be a period of time when I get older I identify with her as a woman.”

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