Delta 8 THC Benefits – Myth Vs. Fact

Delta 8 THC has taken the cannabis community and wellness industry by storm, which is no surprise given how many amazing Delta 8 THC benefits there are. Once brushed off as fake weed, Delta 8 is now recognized and celebrated for the incredible and beneficial cannabinoid that it is.

However, as it is with all popular trends, there are a lot of myths and facts surrounding Delta 8 THC benefits. Like we mentioned above, Delta 8 being “fake weed” is a popular myth that has been disproven, but what are some other myths you’ve heard? One may be that Delta 8 is illegal; This myth is wrong, Delta 8 THC is federally legal thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018 which declassified hemp as an illicit substance. Another myth we’ve come across is that Delta 8 doesn’t have a lot of recreational or wellness benefits; This is another incorrect myth, in fact, Delta 8 THC benefits are some of the most widely celebrated in the cannabis community.


Here is a fact regarding Delta 8 THC benefits: it’s a great alternative for those that do not enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC or Delta 9. Delta 8 THC is known for providing a relaxing and calming high, some other Delta 8 THC benefits are: Pain relief, appetite increase (great for those seeking relief from illness-induced nausea), anxiety relief, stress relief, impressive neuroprotective properties and an overall enjoyable high.

Here’s another fact about Delta 8 THC benefits: if you’ve experienced anxiety from regular THC, Delta 8 can help. Delta 8 THC is popular because it doesn’t induce the same negative side effects of THC like anxiety, paranoia or a rapid heartbeat. Don’t get us wrong, Delta 8 will get you high, but it’s a body high.

Curious to prove or dispel some Delta 8 THC benefits facts or myths yourself? Binoid has many of the top Delta 8 THC products on the market, with their Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridges and Delta 8 THC Gummies being some of the highest rated online. You see, Binoid has 16 amazing Delta 8 THC vape cartridge flavors. Vape cartridge fan favorites include: Northern Lights, Lemon Haze, Girl Scout Cookies, Green Crack and Grand Daddy Purp. All of them use premium 92% Delta 8 THC Distillate (an important distinction for safe use), paired with high quality terpene strains of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. is one of the best and largest Delta 8 brands, despite being a small business. The brand is a part of the movement to support and bring visibility to American farmers. Not to mention, the scientists, chemists and creators are all hand-picked to create a succinct and mighty team of the brightest in their field.

“Since launching in 2018, our priority has been to create fun, unique, and effective Hemp-derived products,” says Elan Lipin, founder of “Binoid believes that Hemp cannabinoids should be a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle. Hence, it is in our name. Woo! Binoid’s mission is to empower this movement by providing exceptional hemp products that are as enjoyable as they are good for you, with zero compromises on quality and ingredients.”

Still curious about Delta 8 THC benefits? Here are some facts to dispel the Delta 8 myths that you may be curious about:

What Is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid in the hemp plant, with around 1% of Delta 8 THC in each plant. This is a very small number, and means there is not enough Delta 8 to be able to extract it from the Hemp plant affordably. Therefore, manufacturers have to get it safely from somewhere else.

Delta 8 THC does occur in nature, but Binoid’s products are made through this safe and easy conversion process. Delta 8 comes from changing CBD isolate chemically into pure Delta 8 THC with almost no loss (around 5%). This means that 1000mg of CBD Isolate would make around 990 mg of Delta 8 THC, allowing the prices of Delta 8 THC products to stay manageable. This distillation process turns into a concentrated isolate.

What Is The Difference Between Delta 8 THC And Delta 9 THC?

Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC are two different cannabinoids. Delta 9 THC is the active psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. It is stronger, because delta 8 is the natural result of the oxidation of delta 9 in the plant material. Delta 8 THC is one isomer off of Delta 9, and therefore has similar effects. However, it is not as good of an antagonist to our receptors, meaning it will be less potent to the body with a potency of 50%-70% of regular THC.

Delta 8 THC Benefits: Are They Safe? is the best place to purchase lab-tested and quality assured Delta 8 THC edibles. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is one of the few cGMP Certified and ISO 9001:2015 Certified CBD facilities in the United States.

Binoid’s hemp-derived products are Kosher Food Grade Quality Certified by Oregon DOA, Kosher Certified among many other qualifications. Additionally, each Binoid product is tested 5 times before they send for third-party lab testing. They test every batch to ensure Drops are up to their impossibly high standards. You can view all of their product test results on the drop down menu in the product page. Learn more about how their products are tested here.

Binoid is known for being committed to transparency. With everything from user reviews to lab-tested results that are easily viewable with a simple quick of a button. They also carry a wide selection of products, from edibles, to tinctures and vapes that we feel good about putting into our body. Shopping online at is a simple way to order everything you need to take your cannabis experience to the next level.

Shipping at is fast, FREE and effortless. Their pricing is affordable, with product bundles like the Delta 8 dab bundle Being some of the most competitive pricing you can get in the legitimate cannabis industry. Need help? Their friendly customer service team is available 24/7.

Is Delta 8 Legal?

The best Delta 8 THC gummies are federally legal thanks to the Farm Bill of 2018 which declassified hemp as an illicit substance.

Before then, cannabis was federally outlawed, meaning that all forms of cannabis, whether they were derived from hemp or marijuana, were illegal to buy, sell, possess and consume. But the Farm Bill came to be, and the rest is history.

Thanks to the Farm Bill, we can legally purchase and use hemp in all 50 states. This means that we can consume any form of hemp that we want to, including extracts and concentrates of its individual compounds. CBD is a great example: CBD is cannabidiol, the dominant hemp compound. It can be taken in many forms, along with other compounds or all on its own, in the form of isolates which provide highly concentrated doses of pure CBD rather than the full plant’s chemical composition. This same logic applies to delta 8. Federally, delta 8 is legal because it comes from hemp. The reason why hemp is legal is because it contains no more than 0.3 percent THC total, which makes it technically a non-psychoactive substance.

As you know, states can override federal law, so while delta 8 may be legal federally, that doesn’t mean that it’s legal in all 50 states. Here is where Delta 8 products are legal and illegal, ordered by state:

Alabama: Delta 8 is legal in Alabama

Alaska: Delta 8 is illegal in Alaska

Arizona: Delta 8 is illegal in Arizona

Arkansas: Delta 8 is illegal in Arkansas

California: Delta 8 is legal in California

Colorado: Delta 8 is illegal in Colorado

Connecticut: Delta 8 is legal in Connecticut

Delaware: Delta 8 is illegal in Delaware

Florida: Delta 8 is legal in Florida

Georgia: Delta 8 is legal in Georgia

Hawaii: Delta 8 is legal in Hawaii

Idaho: Delta 8 is illegal in Idaho

Illinois: Delta 8 is legal in Illinois

Indiana: Delta 8 is legal in Indiana

Iowa: Delta 8 is illegal in Iowa

Kansas: Delta 8 is legal in Kansas

Kentucky: Delta 8 is legal in Kentucky

Louisiana: Delta 8 is legal in Louisiana

Maine: Delta 8 is legal in Maine

Maryland: Delta 8 is legal in Maryland

Massachusetts: Delta 8 is legal in Massachusetts

Michigan: Delta 8 is legal in Michigan

Minnesota: Delta 8 is legal in Minnesota

Mississippi: Delta 8 is illegal in Mississippi

Missouri: Delta 8 is legal in Missouri

Montana: Delta 8 is illegal in Montana

Nebraska: Delta 8 is legal in Nebraska

Nevada: Delta 8 is legal in Nevada

New Hampshire: Delta 8 is legal in New Hampshire

New Jersey: Delta 8 is legal in New Jersey

New Mexico: Delta 8 is legal in New Mexico

New York: Delta 8 is legal in New York

North Carolina: Delta 8 is legal in North Carolina

North Dakota: Delta 8 is legal in North Dakota

Ohio: Delta 8 is legal in Ohio

Oklahoma: Delta 8 is legal in Oklahoma

Oregon: Delta 8 is legal in Oregon

Pennsylvania: Delta 8 is legal in Pennsylvania

Rhode Island: Delta 8 is illegal in Rhode Island

South Carolina: Delta 8 is legal in South Carolina

South Dakota: Delta 8 is legal in South Dakota

Tennessee: Delta 8 is legal in Tennessee

Texas: Delta 8 is legal in Texas

Utah: Delta 8 is illegal in Utah

Vermont: Delta 8 is legal in Vermont

Virginia: Delta 8 is legal in Virginia

Washington: Delta 8 is legal in Washington

West Virginia: Delta 8 is legal in West Virginia

Wisconsin: Delta 8 is legal in Wisconsin

Wyoming: Delta 8 is legal in Wyoming

The Best Delta 8 THC Benefits Are From Binoid

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