DelDOT Reduces Fee Violations to Incentivize Violators to Pay Their Bills

Drivers who skipped paying tolls in neighboring Delaware now have opportunities to pay off their debts at significantly reduced rates through an amnesty program.

The Delaware Department of Transportation launched a three-month amnesty program for lawbreakers at the beginning of October to incentivize drivers to pay their toll bills. The amnesty continues until December 31.

Transportation Department officials said the state’s total uncollected debt has reached $143 million in recent years. More than 640,000 drivers have unpaid debts to DelDOT – approx. 620,000 of these drivers had 10 or fewer fee violations and another 20,000 had more than 10.

DelDOT officials estimate that the amnesty program could recoup $1.7 million.

Drivers who skip paying tolls in Delaware Fines and fees accumulate quickly. For example, a person who skips paying $1 at a toll booth, after 30 days, owes $51 once various fees, penalties, and administrative costs are added. If the initial amount is not paid another 42 days after that, further fees raise the debt to $88.50.

Drivers who commit multiple toll violations can quickly accumulate hundreds or even thousands of dollars in violations.

“Through this program, eligible participants have the opportunity to settle their accounts for a fraction of the amount owed. In preparation, please ensure that your current vehicle registration address registered with the department is accurate,” Jana Sempler, Director of DelDOT She said.

How much amnesty a driver is entitled to depends on his or her person Traffic toll violations. Drivers who commit 10 or fewer unpaid violations owe a total of the original fee, plus a $60 amnesty fee. with someone With over 100 violations owed a total fee plus $285, and someone with more than 250 violations pays the fare plus $510.

Drivers with multiple violations will be eligible for the amnesty program Sent messagesThey will have until December 31 to pay the reduced fees.


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