Dedicated hosting has no SEO benefits

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Dedicated hosting has no SEO benefits

Google’s John Mرller confirms that dedicated web hosting has no more SEO benefits than shared hosting.

This is explained in this latest episode of the Ask Google Boot series on YouTube.

The video answers a question from a small business site owner who wants to reduce costs by hosting their website on a shared server.

Dedicated hosting is more expensive because it is designed for faster page speed. In return, he Can Benefit from ranking in Google search results.

If shared hosting is the only option in a small business budget, is it still acceptable by Google’s standards?


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What M مولller has to say here.

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting for SEO

Shared hosting refers to a setup where multiple websites are hosted on the same server or at the same IP address.

Alternative dedicated hosting is when the server or IP address is assigned to a single website.

Shared hosting is a common setup and it’s very important for the web because there are a limited number of IP addresses available.

It’s hard to tell from the outside how a website is hosted. It can be the same server, a flag of servers, the same data center, or even multiple data centers.


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As it relates to shared hosting and search rankings, Mرller explains:

“The use of shared hosting is fine and does not adversely affect your site in Google search.”

Mرller added that there is one thing to look for in shared hosting, and that he is overloading servers with many websites.

This slows down when the shared server is overloaded, although the same can happen with dedicated hosting.

A website hosted on a slow server results in poor user experience and can be difficult for Google to crawl.

At the same time, Mرller emphasized that dedicated hosting does not automatically accelerate to shared hosting, nor does shared hosting slow down by default.

“To be clear, a dedicated server is not always fast, and a shared server does not automatically slow down.”

Finally, M مولller dispelled the myth that hosting a “bad” website on the same server could affect a website’s ranking.

There is no truth to this theory.

“Another concern we sometimes hear is that there may be other bad websites hosted on the same server. SEOs sometimes call this a” bad neighborhood server. “

This is not something to worry about. In practice, commonly used hosting providers monitor this themselves.

Shared hosting usually has a wide range of websites, including some surprises and some bad ones. This is fine for Google and not a problem. We treat each website based on its own merits, not its virtual neighbors.


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In short, using Google shared hosting is perfectly acceptable. No need to go to dedicated hosting or dedicated IP addresses for SEO reasons.

Watch the full video below.

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