Decorate the halls first with me and Gimme Gimmes

Decorate the halls with me first and James: Punk rock band, which includes members from NOFXand Swinging’ Utters, Lagwagon and others, will put on a relatively intimate show at El Rey on Sunday.

Their last release was in 2017 Rake in: Greatest Hits, so one would have to assume this would be a professional key, full of hilarious parodies covers and banter between songs.

“Our running theme is where we took our live group, which is kind of weird from the American Schlager trend,” singer Spike Sloson told this writer in 2017. (Schlager music is a kind of German schmaltzy pop.) “An American treats German schlager music. Because we do trash too. I dare say we do trash better than Germans, though schlager is definitely a solid entry in a field Rubbish. Everyone loves Schlager. Even people who go to punk shows love Schlager. And it’s not nearly as ironically as you might wish or expect.”

“Some things have evolved,” he added. “It’s hard to say what has changed, or even to look at things like that without feeling this weird dizziness, nostalgia, and nausea. It’s like looking at your own life. I think sometimes the topics have taken us away from our mission statement. I’ll put it that way.” : I hate AM Rock, but I love our versions of AM Rock songs. This (bandwidth) was where I went when rock ‘n’ roll was too scary or heavy for you. You can be sure you hear Neil Diamond, or Tom Jones It was the heaviest you’d hear. I’ve learned over the years that when we try to do songs that I like, it’s generally when we go wrong.”

The dwarves and Milo spiegolon also play.

Decorate the halls with me first and James: The event takes place at 8 pm on Sunday, December 5 at the king.

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