Death Light 2 detailed in combat and parkour presentation.

Dying light 2.The release date is fast approaching, and developer Techland has finally revealed some predictable information about the upcoming game. In a new Diage 2 John presentation, the developer explained in detail how combat, parkour, and some other systems in which players will spend a lot of time interacting. Dying light 2..

I fought Dying light 2. Get to know everyone who has played the first game. According to the game’s lead technical gameplay animator, Matt Curtis, the main goal of the game’s battle is to be visceral and submerged. With some features, Curtis said. Dim light Returning, such as continuous damage to the same body parts and the force of impact determines what type of weapon is being used, for example if it is blunt or sharp.

To give their weapons an extra kick, players will be able to mode them, as in them. Dim light. The game will feature a variety of modes, some of which improve the weapons’ defensive features and others that make them tougher. Other modes apply status effects to each weapon, such as lightning, fire, poison, and freezing.

Players are also looking forward to a strong parkour system. Dying light 2.. The game will give players the same range of motion in which they were. Dim light, With some new things that will come through new skills and tools, such as paragliders. Parkour and combat will work together in the game, with abilities that allow players to jump as well as kill others.

Dying light 2. Be human Launched on December 7 for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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