Deals: Xperia’s new sale includes discounts on the unlocked iPhone 12 model, 24-inch iMac and more.

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Deals: Xperia’s new sale includes discounts on the unlocked iPhone 12 model, 24-inch iMac and more.

Apple’s vendor Expresscom has launched a new sales program this week, which includes the iPhone 12 models, the 24-inch iMax, the 2021 iPad Pro, wireless charging accessories and more.

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Starting with the iPhones, Xperia is offering an open version of the iPhone 12 family up to 155. This includes the 64 GB iPhone 12 mini in the GB 625 (4 104 off) and the 64 GB iPhone 12 in the GB 724 (12 105 off). You can also save on multiple colors, 128GB and 256GB models.

You can also save on an iPhone 12 Pro Max model: The 128GB Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max sells for 20,204 (75 off). Unlike the cheaper models, this is the only iPhone 12 Pro Max model to go on sale, and no iPhone 12 Pro device is getting a discount on the Xphone this week.

Phone 12 colors

For iMax, you’ll find the lowest price ever on a 24-inch M1 iMac Mac of every color. This means you can get a 256GB / 7-core GPU 24-inch iMac for 23 1,233 ($ 66 off) and a 256GB / 8-core GPU 24-inch iMac 4 for 1,423 ($ 76 off). Both sales beat Amazon’s previous discount of $ 15- $ 25.

In addition, the Xperia has direct cash discounts on a wide variety of 2021 iPad Pro models, in both 1121-inch and 12.9-inch sizes. We’ve seen discounts on some of these devices at Amazon and other retailers this year, but Xpercom has the largest sales of these models. A standout is the 128GB 11-inch tablet which is 750 (49% off).

Belkin Boost Charge Pro Magsif

As a final mention, you can also get the Bulkin’s Boost Charge Pro 3 in-1 wireless charger with MagSafe currently at com 119, even at the actual price of the mask can work 149. We have yet to find a big discount on this new Magsif accessories, and this sale is beating the current price on Apple, Amazon and Best Buy.

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