Deadmau5 and Portugal. The Man Release NFT Single, “That’s Good”

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez tweeted earlier this week, “I expect this week will represent the single largest gross sales volume of NFTs in history.”

No duh dude.

This week, large amounts of cash – both traditional and digital – are being exchanged for art. You don’t need a crystal ball to predict that NFTs in 2021 will play an important role.

But what would happen if you didn’t have thousands of dollars to buy in digital artwork?

This is where Canadian producer Deadmau5 and rock band Portugal are based. The man entered. The artists have partnered to release a new single, “This Is Fine” (stylized as “That’s Good.”), on the blockchain. One million units will be available for purchase for 0.25 tokens (about $2.19 at press time), making this an affordable NFT for most people. “This Is Fine” will be released through the blockchain and cannot be heard through streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

NFT will include cover art and collaborative artwork by Portugal. Man Art Director, Wooden Cyclops and Smearballs, artist behind the characters in the Deadmau5 videos for “Monophobia,” “Drama Free,” and “Pomegranate.” Each NFT will be numbered. There’s also the promise of future integration and rewards for those who roam now.

According to a press release, 500,000 units of “This Is Fine” will be available during Miami Arts Week, although you don’t have to be in Miami to buy them.

Click to enlarge Be on the lookout for Deadmau5 and Portugal wrapped buses.  the man.  - Photo via Near Foundation

Be on the lookout for Deadmau5 and Portugal wrapped buses. the man.

Photography by NEAR . Foundation

The remaining 500,000 units will be sold as bundles with their own benefits and rewards. Fans who purchase packs of 50,000 units come with custom artwork, a guest list for the upcoming Deadmau5 show, merchandise, and packs of 1,000 units with their generative artwork. These packages will also be priced close to 0.25 per unit.

Despite the technical possibilities, selling NFT solo reflects the traditional way of selling music. Unlike streaming services, where the user does not own the music, buying an NFT song is like going to the record store and buying a physical copy that you own forever.

So why release it through the blockchain? In addition to jumping on the NFT hype, the million units of “This Is Fine” is meant to represent the amount required to obtain a platinum record by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). In its certification audit requirements, the RIAA counts digital downloads and streaming — but not NFT sales. Deadmau5 and Portugal. The man hopes to change this rule.

If you’re in Miami, look for buses coated with ads promoting Deadmau5 and Portugal. man cooperation. the new era It was said that the ads would feature a QR code that users could scan to purchase the single. The single is also available to buy from Mintpiece.


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