DC League of Super-Pets Trailer gives a member of the main Justice League a change

The Justice Squad She has some four-legged competition in the form of the DC League of Super-Pets. Animated movie starring Dwayne Johnson as Superman’s best friend, Crypto Drop It The first official trailer Today, we’re introducing fans to super pets like Ace the Hound from Kevin Hart and more. Viewers also get their first look at the DC League of Super-Pets’ Justice League, who come together to stop Lex Luthor’s latest evil scheme. However, the trailer reveals DC League of Super-Pets Gives one member of the Justice League a physical change.

Around the 1:05 mark for the trailer, we see Wonder Woman and Batman charged into battle when a beam of energy shoots from the Lex Luthor Tower. Cyborg and Green Lantern also represent the Justice League. Both heroes look pretty much the same as they usually do, although instead of having a bald head, the cyborg wears a very trendy afro hairstyle. It’s also worth noting that instead of Hal Jordan or John Stewart representing Green Lantern Corp, this appears to be one of the newer Lanterns, Jessica Cruz.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Cyborg has traditionally been associated with the Teen Titans in the comics, but New 52 promoted Cyborg into a founding member of the Justice League. This was carried over to the big screen, where Ray Fisher portrayed the hero Justice League Zack Snyder. Cartoon Network fans Teen Titans Go! They can enjoy cyborg comedies alongside Beast Boy, as Joivan Wade portrays Cyborg on HBO Max’s Doom Patrol.

Join Johnson and Hart in The complete DC League team from Super-Pets cast They are John Krasinski as Clark Kent/Superman, Natasha Lyonne as Flash Merton’s turtle, Vanessa Bayer as Wonder Woman BB’s pig, and Diego Luna as Chip the Green Lantern squirrel. The film also stars Marc Maron as Lex Luthor, as well as Kate McKinnon, Keanu Reeves, and Jameela Jamil in undisclosed roles.

Talk to Director and Screenwriter Jared Stern This About the kind of threat that brings Super-Pets together. “I wanted it to be a real threat that you felt amounted to not just a goofy movie, a real, real superhero threat — but also a unique threat that can only be solved by a group of pets,” Stern said. “I really wanted people to walk away from this movie and feel that animation is a technique, not a genre. I wanted them to feel, ‘It was a really great superhero movie and it had everything I love about a superhero movie: great work, it was really fun.'” “

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