David Tennant plays poisoned ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko | drama

David Tennant is to play ex-Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in the four-part ITV series.

The drama Litvinenko depicts how a former FSB officer was poisoned with the rare radioactive substance Polonium-210 at the Millennium Hotel in London in 2006.

The 50-year-old Scotsman will take on the role of a former Russian spy, Who was met by police officers on his hospital bed.

The programme, written by George Kay and executive produced by Patrick Spence, will focus on Litvinenko’s widow Marina and her campaign to prove who was behind the assassination of her prominent husband.

Alexander Litvinenko in May 2002 holding a copy of his book
Alexander Litvinenko in May 2002. Photograph: Alistair Fuller/The Associated Press

The The European Court of Human Rights ruled On September 21, Russia was responsible for the murder.

In its ruling, the European Court of Human Rights said that it found beyond reasonable doubt that Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitriy Kovtun had killed Litvinenko and had done so while “acting as agents of the respondent State.” [Russia]”.

Screenwriter Kay said: “In late 2006, Alexander Litvinenko He was a living witness to his death. He spent his last days entrusting the Metropolitan Police with details of what had happened to him.

“It took the cops and his wonderful widow, Marina Litvinenko, a decade to ratify these claims. Their stamina, hard work, and courage is what makes this story not only an essential story of our time, but a privilege to be asked to write.”

In addition to the police investigation, the ITV drama will also shed light on how his brave widow Marina, played by Margarita Leviva, They fought to persuade the British government To publicly name her husband’s killers and recognition of Russia’s role.

Executive Producer Patrick Spence called work on the series a “privilege” and praised the “courage” of the officers behind one of the UK’s most complex criminal investigations.

“This is a privilege, a once in a lifetime career opportunity to tell a story about a family and a police team who demonstrated such courage and resilience that inspired us all,” he said.

Tennant recently won Best Dramatic Performance at the National the television Awards for his portrayal of serial killer Dennis Nielsen in the ITV Des drama.

Former Scotland Yard officers Clive Timmons and Brent Hyatt will play Mark Bonar and Neil Maskell.

ITV added that Litvinenko has the support of “several key individuals involved in the investigation and subsequent public investigation”.

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