Data leaked to one million users by Android game developer.

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Looks like we can’t take a break from the recent leaks. Now, a Chinese Android game developer named EskyFun has leaked the data of about one million users through an exposed server which has 134GB of data.

In a report shared with ZDNet by vpnMentor security researchers, it was noted that developers of games such as Rainbow Story: Fantasy MMORPG, Metamorph M, and Dynasty Heroes: Legends of Samkok have more information about their users. There was a server with all kinds of information. Properly closed

The games in question have been downloaded more than 1.6 million times, with an estimated 1 million users. The statistics contained 365,630,387 records since June 2021.

The most troubling part of the leak is the type of information. Eski Art has what the VPN Mentor team calls “aggressive and deeply annoying tracking, analytics and permission settings”. This means that the company was collecting much more data for the mobile game.

Some of the data collected include IMEI numbers, IP addresses, device information, phone numbers, OS in use, mobile device event logs, whether or not the handset was rooted, email addresses, game purchases. Includes secure account passwords in records, plain text. , And support requests. This is a staggering amount of data that was apparently left open.

The team of researchers discussed the issue, saying, “Most of this data was incredibly sensitive, and the video game company did not have to keep such detailed files on its users. Furthermore, the data is secure.” By not doing so, Eski’s art exposed potentially more than a million people to fraud, hacking and much more.

Researchers made several attempts to reach Eski’s art about the hole, and when they received no response, they eventually had to contact the Hong Kong CERT to secure the server. By July 28, the hole was closed, but the damage had already been done.

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