Danniella Westbrook was shot with a special angle on EastEnders to hide her facial problem

Former East Enders actress Daniela Westbrook, who opposing after being replaced as Sam Mitchell again struggled with drug addiction and was given up on soap

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Daniella Westbrook discusses drug addiction

It seems unlikely that Daniela Westbrook ever East Enders Once again – after first setting foot in Walford over 30 years ago.

The 48-year-old actress slammed a movie BBC after it was Sam Mitchell reprise overlooked, with Kim Medcalf taking charge once again.

Daniela was only 16 when she was cast as the feisty younger sister to fanatics Phil and Grant – and her appearance helped secure the job.

During the final audition for the hotly contested role, Danniella and other hopefuls had to stand before a panel of longtime producers, directors, and writers.

They constantly compared those tests with photos of Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden, who were Sam’s brothers on screen, to look for a similarity and decided that Danniella was perfect.

After three successful years, Daniela decided to leave in 1993 in search of new opportunities, but the door was left open for her return.

But when she came back to Albert Square it was an entirely different story – she was first turned away in 1996.

Danniella Westbrook rose to fame as the new-faced teen of EastEnders in 1990



Danniella has been in and out of the EastEnders over the years


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Chiefs were tired of her poor presence and unreliability – Daniela later admitted she was paid £100,000 on cocaine over the course of two years.

In her 2006 autobiography The Other Side of Nowhere, Daniela wrote: “The producers now had serious doubts about my future on soap. I was proving to be a handicap.”

“My behavior was interfering with the schedule. It was interfering with the work of the other cast members. There were days when I didn’t bother coming to work at all.”

The actress claimed that she was told “politely” that they would let her go early and terminate her contract while writing Sam off the series.

In 1999, they invited Daniela again as part of Ross Kemp’s exit story, but changes had to be made in place.

Because of her excessive cocaine use, Daniela’s septum was completely eroded and she was photographed missing at the 2000 British Soap Awards.

To combat that, the actress was only photographed from private angles above her in ways that would keep her railing hidden from viewers.

Danniella has spoken publicly about her time on the soap


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But Danniella’s EastEnders contract was not renewed and she left the soap again in January 2000.

Speaking on YouTube’s Girl Talk last year, hosted by celebrity agent Melanie Blake, Danniella said EastEnders was right to dump her.

She said, “I deserved to be fired because I was in charge of that program. I was a horrible cocaine addict when I was young and abused the platform I was on. I couldn’t be trusted.”

“It wasn’t a decision they had to sit back and make. It was a must, I had to go. In my early days, I used it all the time.

“And if they had kept me, I probably wouldn’t be here today. I think so 100%. Because I would have just got the money, and come and make it convenient for me to use it.”

In 2018, Daniela told The Mirror that her nose is now stable.

She admitted, “I’m obsessed with the damn nose, touching it loads.”

“My kids go, ‘Stop touching it, there’s nothing wrong with that.’ And I’m like, ‘I know.’ It’s a fear thing—I always touch it.”

Daniela underwent surgery to fix her nose



The actress was then replaced for the first time by Kim Medcalf between 2002 and 2005, but returned in 2009 and her contract was effectively extended beyond the original three months.

Her last appearance came in February 2016 when she returned from Peggy Mitchell’s funeral.

Daniela wasn’t too happy when she found out that the role of Sam Mitchell is dating Kim.

The unhappy actress wrote: “I wish Kim the best of luck at @BBCEastenders__ once again this poor woman has to recreate Samantha Mitchell close to my last two last comebacks in the box, go and smash it baby… my legal team bbceastenders will be in touch.”

As claimed by the star who has been inserted BBC Soap will listen to her “legal team” and also hint at future discoveries she never told her about in her upcoming book.

“Well, who knew? [laughing emojis] All I can say is that thanks looks like I dodged a bullet.”

Daniela is back for Peggy’s funeral

Daniela then added: “Oh but not to BBCEastEnders, my legal team will reach out to find out why when I held a contract…a record I was never fired or fired and I saw both contracts even one of them was extended for episodes.”

“It’s great 2C the same level of care and loyalty standards as 2” @bbceastenders you think about having new and old cast members and giving are still going strong as always… Not only am I like Sam who needs instead I was going to look at Closer to the top of the show and I’m chopping off that dead wood after it’s all about evolution.”

She added a final warning: “I bet you all can’t wait for my new book now, you can… oh, it’s going back to things I never told #beafraidpeople #itsallgood.”

It has been reported East Enders Chiefs reached out to Kim for the first time in early 2021 to discuss the possibility of her return and she is scheduled to begin filming in a few weeks.

“When I contacted the BBC last year to reprise the role of Sam, I was thrilled,” Kim said in a statement.

“She’s such an amazing character and I can’t wait to get back on the scene this spring and work with an amazing cast of both familiar and new faces.”

Kim Medcalf will return as Sam



During Kim’s last appearance on the scene, Sam becomes implicated in a plot to murder Dirty Den Watts when she plots with his despised wife Chrissy and Zoe Slater.

It remains to be seen how Kim’s version of Sam will be reintroduced, but BBC ongoing drama chair Kate Oates has promised fireworks.

“The Mitchell family is one of the most famous families in soap making, and I’ve always wanted to bring Sam back into the family fold,” Oates said.

“With Phil potentially exposed for so long at home, Sam returns to Walford to take what she considers her rightful place in the Mitchell Empire.

“But with strong grudges against Kat, Sharon, Jack, and Dennis, to name a few, her comeback is guaranteed to be explosive…”

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