Daniil Medvedev upsets Nadal, Djokovic and Federer’s claim – ‘They were lying’ | tennis | sports

This isn’t the first time Medvedev has pulled the crowd at Down Under in just the past two weeks.

In his post-match press conference, he proceeded with a long talk in which he indicated that it was his nationality that pitted people against him.

“Before Rafa even sends in the fifth set, there’s going to be someone, and I’ll be surprised, like a guy screaming, ‘Come on, Daniel,'” he explained.

“A thousand people would be like: ‘Silence,’ that sound. Before sending the transmission, I didn’t hear it. It’s disappointing. It’s disrespectful, it’s disappointing. I’m not sure in 30 years I’ll ever want to play tennis.”

“I think nationality plays a major role. I can definitely see that when you play someone from another country, they are going to choose them and not for the Russians.”

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