Dan Hodges is leaving Cherys to join Eddie Howe at Newcastle

Hodges has spent nearly a decade at Cherries, first joining in 2012 when Paul Groves was in charge of the club.

Groves quickly advanced, but Hodges stayed, and worked his way up to the position of Head of Sports Science.

Despite the likes of Aleister Harris and Charlie Moore arriving at the Cherries over the summer under new coach Scott Parker, Hodges remained in place until Howe snatched him this week.

Howe also confirmed that he will be working alongside former Cherries coaches Jason Tindall, Simon Weatherston, Stephen Purchas and Graeme Jones at Newcastle, having taken over as manager this week following the departure of Steve Bruce.

It is the 43-year-old’s first job in football since leaving Cherries in August 2020.

While discussing his new team at Tyneside, Howe confirmed: “Jason Tindall, Stephen Burtches, Simon Weatherston and Dan Hodges come with me.

“Graeme Jones is still in the mix and I am delighted to work with Graeme.

“I think adding someone to my back team was something I looked at and thought about during my break and it’s something I wanted to do positively.

“So having Graeme really here on site and someone I really know, respect and love, I think would be a perfect match for us.”

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