Daily API Roundup: South Park, Virtue, Story Chief, Caxie

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Seven APIs have been added. Programmable web Directory in categories including content, nonprofit, and stock. Highlights include an API for data about TV shows. South Park, And an API for Kixie Sales Calling Platform. Here is a run down of the latest additions.


unofficial South Park API provides data about TV cartoon shows. South Park وکی اور South Park Archives This open source API supports queries for episodes, characters and locations. This API is offered by independent developer Ivo Bot, and is not formally affiliated with it. South Park Digital Studios or Comedy Partners / Comedy Central. It is listed in the TV category. Programmable web.

Charity engine CRM and fundraising software for nonprofits. The service includes an online fundraising platform, billing, and a. Soap For APIs Integration. Charity engineTrack this API The API provides programmatic access to credit card and cash payments, contacts, addresses, activity, emails, messages, audiences, transmissions, social media, licenses, and more. This API is listed in the charity category.

pious CRM for nonprofits, including fundraising and donor management software. Virtuous APITrack this API Enables developers to interact program-wise with the platform, to manage campaigns, communications, contacts, e-mails, events, attendees, gifts, grants, permissions, promises, projects, reminders, volunteers and more. With methods. This API is filed under Nonprofit.

Story Chief Content marketing is a campaign platform that includes content planning, social media, SEO copywriting, insights, and more. Story Chief APITrack this API Provides programmatic access to create and enhance applications for blogs and social media campaigns. The API offers ways to manage users, stories, authors, categories, tags, destinations, posts and more. This API is listed in the content category.

Smile Is the only API for employment, financial and income data in Asia. More than 100 data points are available covering identity, jobs, income, transactions, ratings, assets, schools, and credit score. Data permissions come from users. Find this API in the verification category.

کیکسی Offers automated calling and texting services for sales teams. Kixie APITrack this API Enables service integration into CRM or other tools with ways to manage auto-dial, custom CRM, dispositions, contacts, activity, text messages and more. This API is listed in the Sales category.

Upcoming IPO Calendar APITrack this API Offers a comprehensive IPO calendar for stocks. The API returns incoming IPO dates, stock symbols, prices, offered shares and more. Find this API in the stock category.

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