Daily API Roundup: Cambridge, Jobs, Switchboard AI, TazWorks, TCGdex

Every day, the program’s capable web team is busy updating its three basic directories for APIs, clients (SDKs for using or providing language-specific libraries or SDKs), and source code samples. If you have new APIs, clients, or Source code Examples of adding programmable web directories, we offer forms (APIs, clients, source code) to submit them to us API Research Team If you have a listing in any of our directories that you would like to claim as an owner, please contact us at editor@programmableweb.com.

Eight APIs have been added. Programmable web. Directory in categories including payments, screenshots and jobs. Highlights include an API that includes details of commodity prices, as well as current rates of currency and cryptocurrency, and an API for background checks. Here is a list of the latest additions.


Cambridge FX Payment API.Track this API Enables businesses to incorporate foreign exchange and domestic payment capabilities into applications. API offers guide, beneficiaries, senders, referrals, orders, forwards, ways to manage batch payments, Cry fast Payment confirmation and more. This API is listed in the Payments category. Programmable web. API directory.

Switchboard To do Canvas Is a template designer that converts images from tweets, blog posts and other web pages. Switchboard AI Canvas API.Track this API Allows users to create images in any resolution as templates are responsive, return multiple images with an API call, overwrite templates for individual custom sizes, translate text and much more Some.

Screenshot capture. APITrack this API Enables users to automate the creation of screenshots of the website. This full page web page offers integration into screen shots or custom sizes, dynamic content rendering, and third party applications. The Screenshot Capture API is listed in the Screenshots category.

Ubis A zoom plugin is a video service that records, transcribes and analyzes interviews to provide insights into job candidates. Yobs is AI-driven and offers an overview of the interviewer’s Big 5 key personality traits (honesty, consensus, openness to learning, extortion, and neuroticism). Yobs API.Track this API Manages data about permissions, accounts, people, reports and affiliates. It is listed under Jobs.

Commodities – API.com APITrack this API Returns real-time and historical items and exchange rates for 168 global currencies, including cryptocurrency. Ingredients include rice, wheat, coffee, corn, sugar, crude oil, soybeans, gold, silver and more. Find this API in the financial category.

TazWorks Offers background screening technology and TazAPI.Track this API Developing applications for developers using this technology. The API includes applicant management for CRAs, background check ordering, and client management functions. Methods are available for managing applications, clients, responses, data formats, and custom interfaces. This API is listed in the background category.

TCGdex Is a multi-language Pokemon TCG database that contains card images and most of the information on the cards. TCGdex API.Track this API The program provides access to data with a single card, multiple cards, lists of cards, cards by type, reflective, rare, types, and more. Find this API in the Games category.

URi-ly One is URL Shortener with an API.Track this API Manage contacts, spaces, domains, pixels, statistics and accounts. The API URL is in the shortener category.

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