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Immediately after the invention of the wagon, one was able to move the logs more easily. And soon after, someone drove a wagon over his leg. Wagons were used to deliver food, but they were also used to carry weapons around.

Cyber ​​hopefuls believe that the wheel of technology is turning, and making our lives a little more perfect every day. Which previous century would you like to live in?

Cyber-pessimists see technological change as a threat, which is monitored daily and vigilantly protected.

The default position is neither defensible nor sustainable.

Technological change doesn’t always make things better. It often comes with significant side effects and costs. And yet, thanks to the vigilance and hard work of some people, technology has given us a long record of being safe, healthy and even happy.

Cyber ​​realism sees both and focuses on being wary of systemic change and lock-in, especially for cultural and organizational changes that are difficult to avoid.

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