CWA district leader says strike against Catholic health is not over yet

Buffalo, NY (WIVB) – During a Tuesday evening news conference, the CWA District Administrator described proposals that Catholic Health presented to the press as “misleading”

“The staffing language they are suggesting to us contains what they describe as ‘room for maneuver’ — the language we are looking for is iron-clad,” CWA District Manager Deborah Hayes said during the 5:30 p.m. conference. “We’ve had experiences before where ‘large wiggle room’ results in an hour of ratios not being met, which leads to four hours of ratios not being met, and then a complete turnaround of ratios not being met – we’re here for a reason and that’s why we fix staffing issues.”

On Monday, the Catholic Health Organization released a document containing its latest proposal to the press, which includes adding 250 new staff.

Hayes said this proposal to add new employees didn’t help when the union was in negotiations with Catholic Health in 2016.

“They got to that number, and once they hit it, things deteriorated into worse conditions than they were when we started the negotiations,” Hayes added.

The strike has been going on since the 1st of October.

“This is not about playing games – [Catholic Health] He knows what we need, and they can put it on the table,” Hayes said.

“We were a little frustrated, we really thought this contract was going to be good, and we’re going back to the hospital,” said Chris Anderson, a registered nurse at Mercy Hospital. “Finish this and let’s go back to the hospital where we need to be and this is where we all want to be. They’re stopping it, it’s not the guild, now the hospital is holding on to it.”

Latest on CWA’s Strike Against Catholic Health:

Latest on CWA’s strike against Catholic health

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