CSS – Why do my images get a vertical scroll bar after rotating?

So I’m trying to rotate a couple of images to create a design, however after applying rotation to one of the images, a vertical scroll bar appears all over the div and I don’t know why. Can anyone explain why?

My code is:


    <div class="three-images">
        <img src="images/PP_E-shot_electrical-control-and-automation.jpg" class="first-image" alt="">
        <img src="images/PP_E-shot_electronics-assembly.jpg" class="second-image" alt="">
        <img src="images/PP_E-shot_cable-harnesses.jpg" class="third-image" alt="">


    display: flex;
    margin: 0 auto;
        flex: 0 0 33%; 
    padding: 0;
        transform: rotate(7deg) translate(-25px, 0);
        transform: rotate(deg);

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