CSS – Select an element by ancestral names and classes.

Coil editor with validation.

<quill-editor formControlName="qed" placeholder="Input notes, minimum 10 char" [minLength]="10" required></quill-editor>

.ng-invalid {border: 2px solid red}

Once the verification fails, the red border starts. ng-invalid, Is the relevant element. <div class="ql-editor">

It doesn’t happen. F12 found out the reason. ng-invalid Instead it appears in our ancestors:

<quill-editor formcontrolname="qed" class="ng-invalid">
  <div class="ql-toolbar ql-snow">...</div>
  <div quill-editor-element>
    <div class="ql-editor">Red Here!</div>

Can’t figure out how to make it without code, guess the only way to check his grandfather John. <quill-editor>

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