css – How to change the font size of the input by flashing?

I’m trying to change (reduce) the font size of the input widget, which I choose to shine without any luck. I checked out other solutions online that helped resize the selection options. But I need to change both the selection / selected bar and the font size shown in the selection of its dropdown menu. Here’s a simple piece of code:


  ui = fluidPage(
        helpText("Create demographic maps with
        information from the 2010 US Census."),    
                                    label = "Choose a variable to display",
                                    choices = c("Percent White", "Percent Black",
                                                "Percent Hispanic", "Percent Asian"),
                                    selected = "Percent White",
                                    choicesOpt = list(
                                      style = rep_len("font-size: 75%; line-height: 1.6;", 4)
                                    ) # choices style
  server = function(input, output) {}

This line:

choicesOpt = list(style = rep_len("font-size: 75%; line-height: 1.6;", 4)) # choices style

From this link: https://github.com/dreamRs/shinyWidgets/issues/74 The font size in the dropdown menu has been reduced, but not the selection in the selection bar. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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