CS Cart Upload Details – Allows users to upload details from the store front.


Increasing CS-Cart upload details allows admins / vendors to collect all information from users regarding their product / service needs.
Add-on collects all customer information with image files and comments so that the admin / vendor can easily know what the customer needs.
And so the admin / seller can make the desired products / services available online and increase the overall sales by quickly meeting the needs of his customers.

CS-Cart upload details feature.

  • Well integrated with CS-Cart, CS-Cart Multivendor, CS-Cart Multivendor-Plus, CS-Cart Multivendor Ultimate.
  • Admin can view, download and delete details uploaded from admin panel.
  • Users can view and download their uploaded details from the store front.
  • Admin can add more than one status for upload details, matching order status.
  • Admins and vendors can change the status of details uploaded from their panels.
  • Users can also review and download their uploaded details from the storefront.

Installation and configuration flow.

Step 1

When you download. “CS cart upload details” Add-on, you will get a zip file and install.txt file. Read it carefully and follow it. To upload a zip file, first click on the plus icon.

Now, to browse the zip file “Local” Click and then “Upload and install” Click on it as shown in the snapshot below.

Upload the zip file

After installing the add-on, you will get “Upload details” Add to the list of available additions. Make sure the add-on is enabled, as shown in the image below.

Available in additional list.

Step 2

Now after successful installation of the add, go to add on settings.
Additional layout

You will find two tabs under Edit Settings.

In the General tab, you need to select the store front for which you want to display the Upload Details tab.
And the status for the uploaded details that you want to show on the backend by default.
Additional layout - General.

In the Templates tab, you need to add the notification that you want to display after submitting the details.
Additional layout - template.

Step 3

As shown in the settings above the ad, you need to set the status for the upload details and you also need to select the store fronts.
Here are the steps to follow –

How to create status for upload details?

Similarly, you can create statuses for upload details.

How to include vendors for store fronts?

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation “Upload details” The tab will be available on the frontend.

  • Go to Administration> Store fronts.
    Open the storefront to select vendors.
    Admin-Store Front
  • Now go to the Vendors tab, select Vendors and save.
    Choice of Administration Store Front Seller

Step 4

Now, add Upload details. Tab on the frontend.

  • Go to Design> Layout> Manage Blocks
    Layout> managementblocks ”width =” 1301 ″ height = ”672 ″> </li>
<li>  Now click on the plus icon and add the block for details of the upload and click on create. <br /> <img 1301
  • Now click on the plus icon and add the block for details of the upload and click on create.
  • Go to Design> Layout> Layout. And add a block of upload details, where you want to display it on the frontend.
    Add block

Front end view.

The upload details tab is available on the frontend.
Upload the details tab on the frontend.

Users need to click upload details if they want to upload details.
The following form will open and users can complete and submit all the information.
Upload details form on frontend.

After successful submission of details, the notification will be displayed as follows.
Front end notification

Back and view.

In the backend panel, admins / vendors can see the uploaded details below. “Orders> Upload Details” Tab.
Upload the details tab to the backend.

  • There are two separate tabs, one for registered users and the other for guest users.
    Upload the details tab to the backend.
  • Admin / vendor can view uploaded details, download and change status.
    Upload the details tab to the backend.

Front end view for customers.

Users can also view and download their uploaded details below the frontend. My Account> Upload Details. Section
Upload the details tab on the frontend.

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Current Product Version – 1.0

Supported framework versions – 4.10.x, 4.11.x, 4.12.x.

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