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In this blog we will learn about “Cross Sailing in Shopware 6” and see the reflection on the front end as well.


Shopware is a leading e-commerce platform based in Germany. So far, the platform has received over 80,000 users. Shopware is an open source e-commerce framework.

Meanwhile, the features that are taking this platform to the prime level. Content management, Multi-warehouse system, And many more.

Shopware is now entering new European countries and is making a big impact in the UK. You can check out other shopware modules here –


Here we will learn about cross selling in Shopware 6. We will also look at how admins can assign products under cross-cell and reflect them on the front page.

Build a cross ceiling

To create cross-selling in Shopware 6, you need to login to the admin page. And then go to Shopware 6. dashboard And click Catalog> Products Menu.


Now select any product and click on Edit option. If you want to add cross cell to new product then add new product then click on edit option.

Then open the Cross Sailing tab. Click the Add New Cross Sailing button on this page.


A new page will open where some details need to be provided. Fill in the name, product type and positions in the details. Suppose you have to select the type as a manual selection then you have to assign the product in the product assignment dropdown.


Now after giving all the details click on save button. Admin can also change product position by clicking on top and bottom icons. Similarly, administrators can add multiple cross-selling for specific products. Admin can also delete cross-selling by clicking on the icon “”.

Front end

Now open the parent product on the front end. And check out the cross-selling product included on the product details page.

Product Description

It’s all about cross-ceiling. I hope this helps you.

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