Cristiano Ronaldo attacks his host with a superb shot before Manchester United’s Champions League defeat against Young Boys | world News

Cristiano Ronaldo hit a host with a volley before Manchester United’s Champions League defeat to Swiss Young Boys on Tuesday night.

The misguided blow from the 36-year-old Portuguese star came as United’s players warmed up ahead of their opening group stage match in Bern.

The ball hit a stewardess on the sidelines and the collision caused her to fall to the ground, and Ronaldo was among those who checked her to make sure she was okay.

Ronaldo’s shot was less sharp during the match, as he scored the opening goal

It ended up being a happier ending to the night for the host than Ronaldo – the footballer’s famous number seven shirt was awarded, while United lost 2-1.

United lost despite Ronaldo scoring the opening goal after just 13 minutes.

England right-back Aaron Wan-Bissaka was sent off in the first half, and Young Boys scored a late goal to take the three points.

The ball hit the host while the team was warming up before the match and fell to the ground
The host ended up being unwell, and was given the Portuguese star’s shirt after the match

saw the game Ronaldo He rose to the occasion with his former Real Madrid teammate Iker Casillas in the most Champions League games in history, with 177 appearances in the European major tournament, almost two weeks after taking the title. Highest international score for men.

Ronaldo is back Manchester United from Juventus in August and He scored two goals in his first appearance for the second time against Newcastle on Saturday.

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