Criminals may come for Social Security benefits — here’s how to avoid becoming a victim | personal financing

In some cases, the SSA may contact you in response to an inquiry you have made. But in this case, that initial contact will have come from you.

What happens if you fall victim to a scam?

If the criminal is able to get hold of your Social Security number and bank account details, that person can easily steal your benefits before you even get a chance to use them. The criminal can also use your Social Security number to open a credit card account or line of credit in your name and bring charges against him. And if you agree to pay a bogus fine or penalty to unfreeze your benefits, you could end up losing the money you send in such a transaction.

That’s why it’s important to be vigilant about Social Security scams. Knowing what to look for can spare you a world of stress and financial backlash.

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