Crime Survivors Support Safer Michigan Bills to Increase Victim Support, Offer Programs to Reduce Crime Cycles – CBS Detroit

(CBS Detroit)More than 160 domestic crime survivors have signed a letter to the state in support of a bill that will not only protect them but also create rehabilitation programs to help prevent future crime.

“I didn’t realize it was domestic violence, I thought I was just married to a guy with anger issues,” said Shari Weir, founder of Still Standing Against Domestic Violence.

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Shari Ware of Detroit says she now knows that the physical and emotional abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband for 10 years was domestic violence, and she is now helping others escape this horror.

“I took my pain and turned it into a purpose, and now I serve and help, and I will go to the trenches for the women who have been just like me,” Ware said.

Ware not only helps women through her foundation, but has also been working since 2012 to compensate officials, and says more than 800 men have gone through her rehab program.

“If we can take their negative thoughts in words, deeds, and actions and also their core beliefs that they believed in as children, then we can take them and turn them into positives,” Ware said.

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Ware admits that not everyone has a successful outcome, but most do which is why she supports the Safer Michigan Act, a bill recently submitted to legislation. The bill supports rehabilitation programs for those imprisoned for certain crimes, in hopes of preventing cycles of crime.

“At some point they will come out and the question is will they come out and be the person they were when they left or are they going to come out and be more productive,” said Tenisha Yancy, state representative for District 1.

The bipartisan bill also works to protect crime victims by allowing fewer restrictions on the process of receiving paid compensation for medical or mental work leave. The bill would also provide lease termination protection for victims who need to move after they have been abused.

Supporters hope the measure can be taken before home in the coming weeks.

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