Crew members say ‘Rust ‘armor’ mishandled guns in previous film with Nicolas Cage

Stu Brumbo, the lead on “Old Way,” told CNN that Red-Gutierrez handled guns on the set of this project in a reckless manner and that he urged the film’s assistant director to fire them.

“There is a universal way of handling guns on set and I immediately raised red flags when I worked with Hana,” Brumbo said. “That’s why I asked for her dismissal.”

“That’s why people get hurt because of the beginners’ mistakes,” he said.

CNN has reached out to the film’s production company and the film’s assistant director for comment. CNN has also reached out to Red Gutierrez.

Brumbo noted an incident in which Red Gutierrez fired a pistol near film star Nicolas Cage without warning.

“Make an announcement! I just blew my eardrums!” Cage shouted in response and then walked out angrily, according to Brumbo.

“She was talking to the move coordinator, and she had just launched a tour, it looked like [like she fired] On the floor, that’s when Nick really put it down. That’s when I said it needed to be abandoned, it is the most inexperienced gunsmith I have ever worked with. I have no idea why he didn’t leave her.”

CNN has reached out to Cage for comment.

Brombo’s allegations were first reported by wrap.

Red Gutierrez is the daughter of longtime Hollywood gunsmith Til Reed. “Rust” was her second film as a gunsmith. She said on an episode of the Voices of the West podcast in September that she was “nervous” to work on “The Old Way.”

“I almost didn’t get the job because I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but doing it, it went really smooth,” she said during the podcast.

A source who worked on Old Road, who asked not to be named for fear of professional retaliation, told CNN they also had concerns about Red Gutierrez’s work on the project.

“She walked out onto the set with live tours with absolutely no announcement to the cast and crew before her,” the source said. “She never told anyone that she was walking on set and carrying blanks with her firearms.”

“She did not carry firearms safely. She had pistols under her arm and had rifles in each hand that were ready for use at the scene,” the person added. “Firearms were aimed at people. She turned and the pistols folded under her arm were pointing at people.”

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza said Wednesday that investigators believe the gun fired by “Rust producer and star Alec Baldwin contained a ‘suspected live shot’.”

Mendoza said Reed Gutierrez, Baldwin and others at Rust that were caught at the time of the shooting are cooperating with the investigation.


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