Create your own Lego Super Mario sculpture with this unofficial set – take a look at Geo

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Create your own Lego Super Mario sculpture with this unofficial set – take a look at Geo

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To be honest – you always want the size of life Lego Super Mario statue you don’t? Now, thanks to a smart (though unofficial) site, you can find the guide and all the bricks you would like to do. Colorful sculpture is a must for Mario fans.

This projector came from my own creation site called Breaker Builds, who dreamed of this construction and wrote down its plans. Lego doesn’t build it on its own site, and since it’s great, it’s understandable that someone wants to build and share it. And to be able to do that, they also have some other cool preparations, like this robot from T-Rex. Horizon Zero Dawn Or this Pakacho statue.

The artists of BreakerBuilds think that they create smart designs and then turn them into complex 3D models in their proprietary Breaker software. They try to make as accurate a model as possible, so they closely resemble whatever they are inspired by, even if they need special pieces.

Now when we say life size here, we mean the world of Mario, not our own. Once built, the statue measures two feet tall, with its approximately 5,000 blocks still offering you a tall, challenging building that doesn’t stand out as a strange standing statue. It stares at you from a dark corner every time you wake up. Drink a cup of water in the middle of the night.

Interested? The Mario Life Size sculpture for bricks and instructions is now available for pre-order at Rick 899 on the Breaker Builds site, or if you just need an instruction manual. You can enter at checkout, there is also a “Power Up 21” coupon that saves you $ 75 on Mario and his Power Up mushrooms when you buy bricks for both sets.

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