Cramer says he’s not ready to sell Nvidia, sees $10 trillion in stock someday

CNBC Jim Cramer On Wednesday, he said he was not ready to sell any shares nvidia So far, though, he recently booked some profits into other big winners of charitable trusts Advanced Micro Devices And stronghold.

Kramer said Quick report on money in the first half of the year He thinks Nvidia’s stock could reach $10 trillion one day. Shares are up 145% year-to-date to value over $800 billion in the stock market.

It’s no secret that Cramer loves Nvidia, the world’s largest maker of graphics and AI chips. He even named his dog Nvidia. On TV and in his investment club, he was “mad money” The host praised CEO Jensen Huang’s insight into how the metaverse — or omniverse, Nvidia’s preferred term — could be used by companies to reduce waste and increase efficiency.

During last month’s trip to Silicon Valley, Kramer went to the headquarters of Nvidia and Interview with Huang, days after the company’s announcement Better than expected Profits and revenues for the fiscal third quarter and future directions.

“I went out there and saw things. I went to travel with Jensen Huang. Time travel,” Kramer said on Wednesday, noting what he saw regarding the global universe and how Nvidia technology could be used in self-driving cars. He repeated, “I admit I’m a slither of Nvidia because this could be a $10 trillion stock.”

Unlike Nvidia, Kramer recently cut positions at Advanced Micro Devices and Ford. “I’m an Nvidia pig. I decided I couldn’t be a Ford pig anymore,” adding that his confidence Sold some Ford properties in late October When doubled. He also said he “couldn’t be a hog at AMD” because he made an average of 80% profit.

creamer revealed Wednesday morning His trust sold off some shares of AMD. In his newsletter to the investment club, he told members that the sale of AMD was “for portfolio management purposes only and not out of any change to our long-term bullish outlook for the company.”

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(Jim Cramer’s Charitable Trust is NVDA, and AMD, F. Nvidia, and Ford are two of the group’s three largest.)


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